1 thought on “Two Important New Books

  1. I’m jealous! Why couldn’t they include my new book too! Whilst my writings are not so closely connected as to to be only about land theories, it would be wrong to think that what is included in my new “Consequential Macroeconomics–Rationalizing About How Our Social System Works” does not have land values mentioned at all. In fact the last of its 7 appendices is all about land values (for use in the previous analyses).
    This book shows that macroeconomics is an almost exact science, if and when its functioning is examined in a logical and scientific way. It is as if our social system presents us with an engineering situation that deserves our understanding. (And this follows directly since our social system actually is man-made.)
    The methods used are based on concepts of 3 past writers: Henry George, Henry Hazlitt and Wassily Leontief, but the use of their ideas is in combination with my own. The results of the numerical analysis show that LVT is about 3 times more beneficial to short-term macroeconomic progress that a direct tax on incomes. This is controversial, but results from irrefutable proof (did you realize that income tax is beneficial too? I didn’t, till I tried it!) Please write to me for an e-copy, if I haven’t already bamboozled you into thinking that its difficult to appreciate about how our system actually works (and not only about of what it comprises). chesterdh@hotmail.com

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