Summer 2015


Happy Birthday Henry!

family treeIn celebration of Henry George’s 176th birthday, Lawrence Bosek tried valiantly to get Google to feature Henry George on their website (Google Doodle), but alas they did not. You can help Lawrence by writing to Google ( asking if they will feature George next year.

Ida B. Wells was featured on a Google Doodle recently. If you had clicked her Google Doodle that day, you would have seen that she was listed as a supporter of Henry George, with a link to his Wikipedia page. With so many people visiting Google, it greatly boosted the number of people visiting George’s Wikipedia page too. Imagine if everyone saw George’s face on Google next year!

CGO & IU Conference

What did you like about this year’s conference organized by the Council of Georgist Organizations and the International Union for Land Value Taxation? That’s what we asked this year’s attendees. Here are their responses, edited for brevity.

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Response to “Space and the City”

This is a response to “Space and the city,” an article in The Economist. More people than ever are seeking to move to cities, and rent is skyrocketing as a result. The problem has always been land speculation, under-using prime locations. In the late 19th century, it meant that there was artificially limited space available for housing, as many tenement dwellers …

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Corrupt Politicsfamily tree

In this great comic, Chris Tolworthy explains how politicians and technocrats use obfuscatory language to distract us from the real issues. He presents a reform that would naturally hold those in power accountable and solve many of the world’s seemingly intractable problems.

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Online Course: How to Predict Economic Depressions and Protect Your Savings

“At the end of this online course, you’ll be left with a comprehensive understanding of how the real estate market works, how it affects the economy, and most importantly, how to predict the next real estate crash and economic depression.”

Henry George Academyfamily tree

Mike Curtis has compiled his many years of teaching material into a trenchant, bare-bones, step by step guide to Georgism. This clean, attractive and professional new website is a good place to point people who want to thoroughly understand the mechanics of Georgist economics “without having to read Progress and Poverty.”

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