9. (2013 August) Audio: Stiglitz on Rent-Seeking

“Professor Joseph Stiglitz joins the BBC’s Justin Rowlatt, a phalanx of French economists and the Parisian public, as they debate the cost of inequality at Paris Dauphine University.”

In this audio clip, 27:00 in, Stiglitz explains the concept of rent-seeking. He specifically cites land as a prime example.


1 thought on “9. (2013 August) Audio: Stiglitz on Rent-Seeking

  1. The Georgist philosophy is 100% correct, and important, but unless we know how to IMPLEMENT it, we do it a great disservice. Know that it has been implemented in 22 U.S. localities, ALWAYS successfully. Do you know about that?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Steven Cord, Georgist

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