1. (2013 August) Book: Sharing the Earth

What if you could live in a world where everyone had enough? Where financial struggle would not exist, and where involuntary unemployment and poverty could become a thing of the past? A world where our economies are thriving, yet our ecologies are sustained?

Sharing the Earth not only shows that such a world is possible, it also shows how it can be accomplished. This book builds a case for a detailed and comprehensive economic reform of unprecedented scope, and it does so with both sound logic and a passion guaranteed to draw in anyone who has ever dreamed of a brighter future and a better world, for ourselves and future generations.

Martin Adams has done a masterful job of perspicuously explaining the Earth Sharing paradigm in a manner that is as intellectually rigorous as it is inspiring. Martin has done a great deal of research, drawing on academics and a large community of concerned citizens. Many individuals from the online Georgist community collaborated directly with Martin on this publication, editing the book together on google docs. This book has drawn on the power of social media to create community, a mutually supportive community that works together towards tangible gains.

Sharing the Earth has been published as both a hardcover and a paperback. It is also available as an ebook with considerably more features than the physical editions. Please help support Martin’s work by purchasing a physical copy of the book from Robert Schalkenbach Foundation’s website. It can also be read for free on the beautifully designed SharingtheEarth.com. Ebooks are available using the links below:


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