President’s Letter & New Literature

Dear Georgist News Subscribers,

We hope you have enjoyed the articles, videos, and other media we have released over the past year. Spreading these fundamentally important ideas offers hope for a world without extreme poverty and environmental destruction. This work is truly a labor of love for us all. Thank you for being part of it and we look forward to getting you more involved in our fight for justice.

One such way to get more involved includes becoming more informed. Our parent organization, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is offering books on various facets of Georgism (follow the link to see book images and descriptions), in return for donations to help us achieve our vital mission. If you have ever been curious about the economic forces that shape the distribution of wealth on the planet, and how we can protect our environment for future generations, these books offer fresh new insight.

Please see the annual letter from RSF President Ted Gwartney. The letter contains highlights of what we have been up to over the last year. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to donate or purchase the books, please snail-mail us this form. Further instructions for doing so are provided here.


Jacob Shwartz-Lucas
Editor, Georgist News

1 thought on “President’s Letter & New Literature

  1. Gee! I wish they would consider my new book for inclusion in their list. It is the first way for converting the subject of macroeconomics from a pseudo science into a real one, using logic, diagrams, common sense and a bit of mathematics which is not hard to follow. Its title is “Consequential Macroeconomics–Rationalizing About How our Social system Works”. Anybody who is “into” economics and wants to learn about how our social science REALLY works should write to me for a free e-copy.

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