3. (2014 February) Book: Land: A Humanitarian Perspective

Martin Adams has found a nationwide publisher for his new book Land: A Humanitarian Perspective. In the following article, Martin explains the rationale behind the book.

“In theory, capitalism ought to provide a competitive free market. But we don’t have a free market because land is monopolized: the ownership of land creates what is called an entry monopoly. An entry monopoly occurs whenever a market is closed to new participants because overall supply can’t be increased; and since land is naturally limited for each location, the ownership of land creates an entry monopoly.”

https://medium.com/people-on-planet/c6b0116592ee http://land.humaniteer.com/

5. (2014 February) Good Press: Ending San Francisco’s Class War

Tech companies continue to pour into the San Francisco bay area, pushing up housing prices. This has sparked many aggressive protests.  Noah Smith, an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, understands how LVT would accommodate existing residents and the wave of incoming entrepreneurs alike.

“What San Francisco needs now is a Henry George Tax. The policy would bring rents down, and thus encourage tech companies and their brilliant employees to keep moving into the city, to keep interacting and mixing and generating the ideas that make the tech world go. At the same time, it would raise the money the city needs to build better trains, run more bus lines, and build more public housing that will benefit the poor and middle class of San Francisco. And it would do it all in a way that seems much more fair than other kinds of taxation.”


6. (2014 February) Numbers: The Return of Land Prices

Matthew Yglesias is at it again with a new Georgist inclined article in Slate magazine.

“Classical economics had three factors of production—labor, capital, and land. Contemporary economists normally treat land as simply a form of capital. This is mostly the pattern Thomas Piketty follows in his important new book Capital in the 21st Century. But as Karl Smith writes, many of Piketty’s findings about “capital” seem like they may mostly be findings about land.”


7. (2014 February) Good Press: Tax land, not buildings, to help cities thrive.

Harvard professor Edward Glaeser has written an article praising New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for implementing a higher tax on vacant land. Glaeser also discusses the significance of Henry George.


8. (2014 February) Likeable Link: Housing Costs Double the Rise in Salary

“The average worker would earn more than double their current salary if wages had increased as fast as house prices since 1997, a report reveals today.   The research highlights the impact of the combination of huge house price rises but minimal, or non-existent, pay rises.   Shortages in affordable housing have led to 4.1 million of adults abandoning the dream of having the keys to their own property, according to a new survey – with 1.8 million of these aged 25 to 44.”


(2014 January) Contents

(2014 January) Contents

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1. (2014 January) Announcements: 2014 CGO Conference, Newport Beach
2. (2014 January) Announcements: NYC Seminars, January 18th
3. (2014 January) Good Press: Five Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For
4. (2014 January) Likeable Link: Street + Road = Stroad
5. (2014 January) Video: The Landlord Who’s Kicking Out 200 Families
6. (2014 January) At the Margin: Foldvary, Growth & Distribution
7. (2014 January) Numbers: What’s All the Land in America Worth?

About The Georgist News

1. (2014 January) Announcements: 2014 CGO Conference, Newport Beach


Please join Mason Gaffney for his first book signing of The Mason Gaffney Reader, Monday, July 7th at 7:00 PM at the Newport Beach Radisson Hotel.  This is our first event for the opening of the 2014 CGO Conference.

We have just confirmed  Lenny Goldberg who will give a presentation entitled: “Land economics in action:  Where we’re going in California, how finally a Georgist policy is going to prevail, and how you can help.” Later that day, Lenny will debate someone from the Pro-Prop 13 movement.

“I expect to talk about what we’re doing in California to change Prop. 13, and it turns out that the politically feasible direction we’re taking involves restoring the taxation of land (and potentially taking it off new investment buildings).  The approach is only partial, but informed directly by land economics.” -Lenny Goldberg

A quick reminder, The Council of Georgist Organizations’ dues for both organizational and affiliate members must be paid ASAP either via our website www.cgocouncil.org or by mail: PO box 57, Evanston, IL 60204.

For more information, please contact Sue & Scott Walton, CGO Administrators at sns@swwalton.com

2. (2014 January) Announcements: NYC Seminars, January 18th


Women, Earth and Economic Power

Sponsored by: Earth Rights Institute, Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations, and The Henry George School of Social Science

Saturday, January 18, 2014
10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
At the Chapel of Peace, Community Church
40 East 35th Street, New York City
(between Park & Madison Avenues in Manhattan)
Take the #6 Train to 33rd Street

RSVP and information: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com, alanna@earthrights.net and cccun@optonline.net

Speakers will describe the connection of women with the earth from their professional perspective and personal experiences, and elaborate on how this translates into a sense of “economic power”.  There will be time for group discussion following the presentations.

Moderator:  Alanna Hartzok, co-director, Earth Rights Institute


  • Lucy Webster, economist, board member & UN Rep, Economists for Peace and Security
  • Elizabeth Carll, PhD, psychologist and President, Communications Coordinating Committee for the UN
  • Stephanie Rosenberg, producer, New York
  • Amy Parekh Mehta, JD, LLM, Programme Management Officer, Permanent Observer Mission of  International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Quisia Gonzalez, MD, medical doctor & Associate, Henry George School of Social Science
  • Teckla Negga Melchior, Development Officer, International Union for Land Value Taxation
  • Yolanda Brown, Christian minister, International Economic Development Council


Land Rights and Human Rights on Trial

Turning the Tables on Genocide and Ecocide

The Case of the Ahousaht People, Weyerhauser, and the United Church of Canada
A First hand Account and Dialogue with Rev. Kevin Annett
With respondents Quisia Gonzalez and Teckla Negga Melchior

Sponsored by The Henry George School of Social Science & Earth Rights Institute

 Saturday, January 18, 2014
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
At the Chapel of Peace, Community Church
40 East 35th Street, New York City
(between Park & Madison Avenues in Manhattan)
Take the #6 Train to 33rd Street

RSVP and information: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com and alanna@earthrights.net