3. (2013 September) Good Press: New York Mayoral Race

See Josh Vincent’s article below. Since the article was released,  Bill de Blasio has been nominated as the democratic candidate in the NYC mayoral race.

“I have called for a change to the tax treatment for vacant land — from the lower residential rate to the higher rate for commercial property — to discourage long-­term speculation that leaves lots vacant in our neighborhoods, and to encourage the construction of more affordable places to live.”


2 thoughts on “3. (2013 September) Good Press: New York Mayoral Race

  1. As you probably are aware LVT encompasses much more than the elimination of unused but potentially valuable sites. It also eliminates poverty and morally stops the exploitation by monopolies, which opperate in places with restricted opportunities, even when the land is fully occupied. I appreciate that the NY mayoral election race is one that gives the mayor a lot of political clought, but he surely needs a large proportion of his electors and committee members too to support these revolutionary ideas. Good luck to him!

  2. Mr. Joshua Vincent; Great to appropriate since progress & poverty which exists not only in developed nation like New York but also in everywhere in the world where population, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, exists and LVT is the neutral source of revenue to secure equal right to natural resources and abolish the fundamental cause land monopoly/inappropriate the value of land to the citizen equally/underutilized vacant land.

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