1. (June 2012) Good Press 2, BBC – Ottawa Citizen,

BBC – Ottawa Citizen, February 18, 2012 by Frank de Jong, President, Earthsharing Canada Toronto Community’s fair share Re: Group decries land value plan, Feb. 12. I applaud Ottawa city council’s plan to capture some of the land value rise resulting from re-zoning and using it to improve community facilities. The proposed Section 37 guidelines will return to the community some of the wealth that results from new development or re-development. Quality new developments or warranted new infrastructure causes local land values to rise. Normally this “community-generated” wealth accrues to local land owners, but Section 37 will rightfully return some of it to the community. Collecting “unearned” land value rise (which economists call economic rent) is not “yet another form” of taxation – it is returning to the community what the community generated in the first place.

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