December 2017

Given a community with republican institutions in which one class rolls in wealth and the many seethe with discontent at a condition of things they know not how to remedy, and power must pass into the hands of demagogues who will seize and wield it for a time, only to be displaced by worse demagogues. — Henry George

CGO 2018: Renewing Baltimore

Monday, August 27th to Friday, August 31st, 2018

The 2018 CGO conference will take place in Baltimore’s vibrant Inner Harbor. Our hotel, the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor, is just two blocks from the Camden Yards Stadium (where the Orioles will be playing while we’re there!) and just blocks away from numerous museums, restaurants, the National Aquarium, street performers in the daytime and live music at night.

Though Baltimore is troubled, and has lost a third of its population since 1970, it is also very proud of its history, and has more buildings on the national historic register than any other US city. Baltimore has long been known as the “city of neighborhoods” and its people take pride in their friendly hospitality. And, Baltimore is city where dedicated activists and local officials have been working for over a decade to enact the LVT reform that Baltimore desperately needs. Clarence Davis, former Maryland state legislator and AARP president, has been a leader in this effort and will be a key speaker at our conference.

Our conference will begin with a special charrette, a brainstorming session in which folks from many fields will envision the probable effects of collecting Baltimore’s land rent for public revenue. One day will be devoted to panels on the morality of property in land, featuring Charles Avila, author of Ownership: Early Christian Teachings.

Stay tuned for more news as this event takes shape!

Henry George’s Birthplace for Sale

 The Henry George birthplace, 413 S. 10th St. in Philadelphia, has been owned by the Henry George School for many decades. Georgist classes were held there through the 1960s and 1970s, and in 1989 the building was restored and opened as the Henry George birthplace Museum. It housed a number of artifacts from Henry George’s life, as well as a library – and classes were still held there. In recent years, the birthplace continued to house the Henry George artifacts, served as an archive for historical materials collected by the school, and served for a time as the headquarters of the Center for the Study of Economics.

Recently the HGS has announced its intention the birthplace on the market. It has offered to sell it to the Robert Schalkenbach foundation for the “market price” of $720,000. Over the years a number of bequests and other donations have been made to the Henry George School which were targeted and restricted to the Philadelphia birthplace. The Schalkenbach foundation estimates the current value of these restricted funds to be approximately $700,000. Recently the HGS has removed all of the Henry George memorabilia and artifacts from the birthplace, placing them in storage in New York.

Because of this building’s importance to the Georgist movement, the Schalkenbach foundation has urged the Henry George School to simply transfer ownership so that it can keep Henry George’s birthplace as a shrine and educational center for our movement’s use. So far, the HGS has made no response.

P&P Launch Event in Vancouver

On December 1st, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, was held second in a series of lectures and discussions on the The Annotated Works of Henry George. Volume II is the new edition of Progress and Poverty, edited by William Peirce, who contributed an introduction on the historical context of P&P, placing. George’s argument within the framework of the economic theories of his day. This event, hosted by the Henry George Foundation of Canada, included presentations by Frank Peddle and Brendan Hennigan.

Progress and Poverty in German

A brand new translation of Henry George’s classic appeared this year, translated, and with an introduction, by Prof. Dirk Löhr. german readers have eagerly welcomed this new book. For many decades, the only German translation of Progress and Poverty was in an archaic German script, which few now read.


Henry George Institute Secures College-Credit Recertification

Since 2012, the Henry George Institute’s three-course series in Principles of Political Economy as been recommended for college transfer credit. This year, the certifying body, the National College Credit Recommendation Service, a division of the University of the State of New York, required its periodic recertification. Expert reviewers Fred Foldvary and Kris Feder went through the HGI’s curriculum and enthusiastically recommended that it be recertified. Students who complete the three-course series receive an official transcript from Excelsior College, an accredited college in New York State. The first course in the series, Understanding Economics, is free and self-based. Anyone can enroll at

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This Month’s Featured Blog

The Devon (England) Henry George Society’s blog isn’t the least bit flashy – but it’s well worth a good chunk of your time. It features commentary, analysis and reviews by articulate Georgist writers, with an occasional guest post from across the pond. It clearly announces itself as part of a larger movement, having chosen to associate itself with the “Earthsharing” brand, and offering a smartly-curated list of associated sites in the right-hand margin. Visit! Scroll! Read, comment & Share! You’ll be glad you did.

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