2. (2013 August) Conference: CGO

This year’s CGO conference was an exciting one, brimming with potential from a younger generation of Georgists attending their first conference: Nate Blair, Irisha Johnnyl Johnson & Nathan Johnson, Andrew Perry, Ben Harp, and Jeff Dean. Returning youngins included David Harrell, Ashely-Eve Downs & Edward Miller, Martin Adams, and Jacob Shwartz-Lucas. An estimated 20% of attendees were under 40 years old, full of energy and new ideas, all enthusiastic about collaboration. The conference was a great opportunity for them to finally meet after over a year of facebooking, and video conferencing.








Left to right: Nate Blair, David Harrell,
Edward Miller, Jacob Shwartz-Lucas,
Andrew Perry, Jeff Dean, Ben Harp

A diverse and stimulating range of topics were covered at the conference including:

  • Georgist Education
  • Land policy in US history
  • Pittsburgh’s land tax history
  • Experiences with LVT and Pennsylvania’s Assessments
  • The Politics of Assessing
  • How the 1913 Income Tax Divided the Georgist Movement
  • A Hundred Years of Georgist Songs
  • The Commons Movement: A Civil Right to the Commons
  • Introducing our Vision to Average Communities
  • Transportation and Land Value
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Subway-stop Taxpayer Lots in New York City

Sue Walton, chief organizer of the conference, had this to say:

The Council of Georgist Organizations would like to thank everyone who attended its 2013 Conference in Pittsburgh. We would like to recognize all of the Team CGO  volunteers, especially Osamu Uehara who organized and cooked up a storm at our “happy room” (formerly known as our hospitality suite).  The CGO would also like to thank Jacob Shwartz-Lucas and others from the social media community for their efforts in bringing a large bunch of younger Georgists to the event.  We look forward to seeing you next July in California!


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