1. (2013 July) Announcement: CGO and IU Conferences

The Georgist News wants to remind you that what we are advocating is nothing short of remarkable. Success will mean a world where the interests of individuals and society as a whole are aligned, a world where everyone has enough to eat, a world where everyone enjoys a clean and safe environment, a world where everyone is free to realize their true potential.

There are two Georgist conferences coming up. The first is this month in London (the IU). The next is in Pittsburgh, PA in August (CGO). They are both having a final call for registrations. So, please do so now! Meeting face to face is important for creating a successful movement. When people meet in person, they feel a greater sense of trust and willingness to cooperate than they would if they only communicated via phone or the Internet. To be successful as a movement, we need to unite our efforts. We need to meet in person.

Jacob will be in London starting this Friday July 20th, a few days before the conference, to meet with local Georgists and George-curious individuals as part of his role as outreach coordinator with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. Please contact Jacob if you would like to meet with him.

During the CGO Conference’s two social media sessions on August 9th, Jacob Shwartz-Lucas and Edward Miller, hope to do several spontaneous Google Hang-Outs to involve those who can’t make the conference.  The sessions will be held from 9:30-10:45 am and from 3:15-4:45 pm eastern daylight time, so be sure to tune.  For more information please contact Jacob at: jacobshwartlucas@gmail.com

In addition, If you’re making your travel plans for this year’s CGO conference in Pittsburgh, please remember the Georgist Education Workshop! It’s happening from 2 to 5 pm that afternoon (the opening reception is at 7:30 that evening).

Those of you who read Progress and Poverty some time ago, or once took a class at a Henry George School, will appreciate this session — which is sponsored by the Henry George Institute. Four envelope-pushing presenters will demonstrate new concepts and techniques:

– Ed Dodson on expanding on the vital, yet oft-ignored, influence of land policy in US history.

– Bob Jene on the economics of farmland preservation.

– Mike Curtis and Lindy Davies on enhancements to Henry George’s theory of the boom/bust cycle that help to explain current phenomena.

– Lindy Davies on making Georgist curricula more compatible with mainstream economics without compromising its main ideas.

We hope to see you at the conferences!


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