5. (2012 September) What You Can Do: Henry George Foundation Open Day

Members, supporters, and friends are invited to attend The Henry George Foundation Open Day, to take place at 11 Mandeville Place, London on Saturday, September 22. The day’s program is intended to provide an opportunity to explore how Henry George’s ideas could help address the current social, cultural and economic malaise. It will also provide a convivial environment in which to enjoy the company of friends who share a common interest. For details, click here.


6. (2012 September) What You Can Do: 2012-2013 Lincoln Institute Program

The Lincoln Institute’s annual Program for 2012-2013 presents a comprehensive overview of the Institute’s mission and its diverse programs for the new academic year. It includes department descriptions; courses, seminars, conferences, and online education programs; research, demonstration, and evaluation projects; publications and multimedia products; web-based resources and tools; and lists of fellows and faculty. For more information, click here.


7. (2012 August) What You Can Do

Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century
A Five Part Teleseminar

Co-Hosts: Alanna Hartzok and Wendell Fitzgerald
“Consciousness in its fulfilled, developed state will bring the ‘dismal science’ of economics to an evolved and higher level — to the status of Enlightened Economics”
~Ron Robins

The five 90-minute teleseminars will be held the first Sunday of every month beginning August 5. There will be two or three Guest Speakers per teleseminar; sessions recorded; all participants invited and empowered to respond to Calls to Action emerging from the teleseminar.

Register here for Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century
Further info at: http://www.earthrights.net/

8. (June 2012) What You Can Do: Edit the LVTfan Blog

Edit the LVTfan Blog by Wyn Achenbaum, February 22, 2012 I’ve started a series called “The Land Questions” which I hope to put on a website of their own when they’ve been honed a bit. They’re mostly multiple choice questions intended to encourage thought about land-related issues. At the moment, I think I’ve got about 70, though I may edit some out. To date, I’ve posted 22. There is no particular sequence to them. I’d be grateful for any editing or additions you might suggest, via the comments opportunity on the blog. http://lvtfan.typepad.com/