5. (2013 August) Video: Ed Dodson’s New Video Blogs

Edward Dodson and Jacob Shwartz-Lucas  sat down after Jacob’s CGO presentation on social media to discuss how Ed could broadcast his ideas to a larger audience. One option, in which many Georgists can easily follow suit, is to produce video blogs.

Ed’s recent blogs

Property Markets and the Economy- installment 1:

Property Markets and the Economy- installment 2:

Creating your own video directly through youtube is easy. Here is a tutorial to get you started.  You don’t need any special programs, just a working webcam, which most laptops these days are equipped with. See the little black dot on the top center of your laptop monitor? That’s a camera. There is a small hole near by as well, that’s your microphone. If you have a youtube account, you should have everything you need to create a video. Give it a try!

5. (2013 June) Video: Fred Harrison on Why Jesus Had to Die

Fred Harrison reveals why Jesus had to die. According to Fred, the New Testament parable of the vineyard (Mark 12) was the first lecture on public finance in history. Jesus explained that the rent of land was sacred income that had to be reserved for the common good. Its misappropriation was a form of cheating. The parable exposed the social elites who enjoyed the protection of the occupying Roman imperial military.  These elites realized they had to silence Jesus — i.e., to preserve their powers and privileges. That’s why he was crucified.