2. (2014 September-October) Social Media: Peter Thiel on Henry George

The following is a response from the controversial Peter Thiel, the cofounder of PayPal and Facebook’s angel investor. Thiel was asked by one of Fred Foldvary’s students, “rromanchuk”,  what he thought of Henry George:

[–]rromanchuk 31 points 10 days ago

Have you ever read anything from Henry George? If you have, any thoughts? I think he gets an unfair treatment from almost every school of economic thought, including the Austrians, no, especially the Austrians.

When it comes to the three factors of production, it bothers me how lazy academia is when it comes to land. The fact this guy induces so much rage from every political faction and almost all schools of economic thought (from fringe to keynesian) seems like a signal he might be on to something.

[–]PeterThiel[S] 56 points 10 days ago

Yes, I think George is a really interesting thinker. The idea that we should tax land heavily (and perhaps not tax anything else at all) is very interesting, since many of the bad monopolies in our society involve the unholy coalition of urban slumlords and pseudo-environmentalists.


5. (2014 September-October) Social Media: Libertarians Battle Over a Citizen’s Dividend

Michael Huemer is a libertarian writing for the Cato institute. He is a proponent of the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG). In an article which can be found here, he argues against LVT from the standpoint of the best way to fund a BIG. His contention boils down to opposing redistributing what people produce in a high density area to those in a low density area. He says that the Georgist ethos of “one ought to keep what they produce” is contradicted by such spatial redistribution.

In this article, Matt Zwolinski, also writing for Cato, argues that the Georgist ethos is not inconsistent.

“Mike brings up the issue of population density to show that a large part of land’s value depends on the productive activity of other people. But, really, all of land’s economic value depends on the productive activity of other people… It’s not benefitting from the positive externalities of others’ labor that’s the problem. It’s the forcibly excluding others from doing so [the higher return available given access to the best locations].

This explains why, contra Huemer, people in low-population-density areas are entitled to compensation from people in high-population-density areas. High-population-density land is, ceteris paribus, more valuable than low-population-density land.”

1. (2013 September) Social Media:The Taxing Question of Land

Yoni Higgsmith and Jamie Noel recently created a thirty minute documentary called The Taxing Question of Land. They both have experience in the film and television industry, and it was fortuitous that they decided to apply their skills towards the promotion of LVT. The film was released at Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) in London a couple of weeks ago for an audience of 300. Watch the film using the link below.


In the months proceeding the release of the film, the team raised £9,170 of the £9,000 target from 103 backers through crowdfunding. The LVT facebook community alone raised £1,000 of that and participated in the creative process, providing feedback on the script.


9. (2013 July) Social Media: Letter From the Editor

Dear Georgist News readers,

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