7a. (June 2012) Likable Links: School of Cooperative Individualism

School of Cooperative Individualism by Ed Dodson, February 24, 2012 Highlighted in the attached newsletter is a just completed narrated presentation titled, “How the French Lost their Foothold in North America.” For those who have an interest in this period in our history I hope you will find the story both entertaining and informative. This narrated version is available to view and listen or (or download) at Authorstream.com. Here is a direct link to the three-part PowerPoint: http://tinyurl.com/7kg8wkr I look forward to any comments you might care to share.

7b. (June 2012) Likable Links: the LVTfan Blog

The LVTfan Blog by Wyn Achenbaum, February 22, 2012 I’m serializing Ernest H. Crosby’s “The Earth-for-All Calendar,” a circa 1900 “birthday book” with a quote or two, occasionally three, per day and room to write in the names of one’s friends whose birthdays fall on each date. The book contained 365 days’ worth, but I’ve found an extra month’s worth published elsewhere, so this should run through next January. Some of the quotes are familiar to Georgists, but I’ve been introduced to many I didn’t know. And I continue to post other items to the blog as inspiration and time permit. If you see something you like, by all means share it with others! http://lvtfan.typepad.com/