7. (2013 August) Likeable Link: After Protests, Brazil’s Oil Money Will Go To Education and Healthcare

“After this summer’s massive protests against spending choices by the once-popular government, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has passed a law that will reserve all of Brazil’s oil royalties for healthcare and education.”

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8. (2013 August) Likeable Link: Private Landlords Taught Me How to Get Rich Exploiting The Poor

“I decided to be pro-active and head to the Property Investor Show at London’s Excel Centre. As the name suggests, it’s a show for property investors, where they all congregate in a big hall and explain the benefits of letting out poky, one-bed flats in Croydon to weird povvos who can’t get on the housing ladder.

I wanted to get a better insight into why property is so pricey that our city centres are becoming playgrounds for [rich landowners] while the poor are taking up arms and setting up burning barricades to stop bailiffs kicking them out of their homes…

Institute for Public Public Policy Research, for every pound it spends on building houses, the government is spending £19 on subsidising rent. So things are seemingly still geared towards propping up landlords rather than making sure there are enough homes.”


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8. (2013 July) Likeable Link: Unpaid Rent Can Get You Thrown in Prison in Arkansas

“Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you probably have enough common sense and moral fortitude to not go out of your way to kick a homeless person when you see one on the street. If so, pat yourself on the back, because there are some American legislators who are using every tool in their toolbox to make “poverty” the new “murder.”

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8. (2013 May) Likeable Link: Why Have You Never Heard of Henry George?

Why have you never heard of Henry George?
By Steve Muratore

Okay, maybe you have heard of him, but until very recently, I had not. Not while earning my bachelor’s degree in business administration (major in accounting) from Arizona State. Not from labor leaders, though I was a member of the United Telegraph Workers in the 1970s; nor from AFSCME, though I was a member in the 1990s.


9. (2013 May) Likeable Link: Back to the Classics

Classical Economics, Now More Than Ever
By Matthew Yglesias (Slate)

In the beginning, there were the classical economists—most famously Adam Smith and David Ricardo—who wrote about a mostly preindustrial economy. A little bit unfortunately for them, the Industrial Revolution turned out to be far and away the most important thing to ever happen in economy history.


7. (2013 March) Likeable Link: America Does Tax Wealth, Just Not Very Intelligently

America Does Tax Wealth, Just Not Very Intelligently
The old argument going back to David Ricardo and Henry George that you should tax land wealth very heavily seems quite sound to me.
By Matthew Yglesias (Slate)

It’s worth saying that we do kind of have wealth taxes in the United States; they’re just not very intelligently designed. The property taxes that fund local governments, for example, are a tax on housing wealth. It’s just that housing wealth happens to be the most widely held form of wealth in the country, so it doesn’t pack the egalitarian punch of a wealth tax.