4. (2014 April) Interview: Ross Ashcroft on the Keiser Report

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max interviews Ross Ashcroft about the housing super bubble in London and what it means to the rest of the economy to have a rentier class in charge.”


4. (2013 June) Interview: Fred Harrison Discusses The Traumatised Society

The Cheating Vulnerability

Fred Harrison discusses his new book The Traumatised Society, delving into how the burden of economic and environmental malaise is stripping society of its rationale.


6. (2012 December) Interview: Fred Harrison on Occupy London Podcast

Occupy London Podcast: Critical Thought
Clive Menzies recently interviewed Fred Harrison, author of The Traumatised Society, on the deep-seated trauma which renders us incapable of recognising the culture of cheating embedded within the institutions of society. Harrison asserts that only by recognising the destructive nature of the culture of cheating can we make profound societal changes that will lead to a modern renaissance.



To purchase Fred Harrison’s book, click here.