1. (2014 May-June) From the Editor: California Conferences and Book Orders

Next month, two Georgist conferences will convene in California.

On July 5th, an exciting and affordable young Georgist conference will take place in San Francisco ($49 before Sunday June 15th). We’re calling it “Community Gone Viral”.

Georgists will team up with representatives from land trusts, intentional communities, and other activist groups to discuss how current models of real estate speculation, gentrification, and taxation aren’t working to create the prosperous and green communities we need. They will further discuss how change can be created from the ground up, through community.

This is a great opportunity to connect with enthusiastic young Georgists as they collaborate with other groups towards shared wins! The combination of breakout sessions and team building exercises will ensure a fun, engaging, and productive experience. This conference is open to all ages.


Young Georgist Conference, July 5, 2014: http://www.communitygoneviral.com/#!register/c1h6a

Starting two days later (July 7th-11th), the annual conference for the Council of Georgist Organizations will take place in Newport Beach for the 175th Celebration of Henry George’s legacy (1839-2014). Attendees will explore ways to deal with our seemingly intractable economic problems: financial instability and corruption, unaffordable housing, inequities with Proposition 13, corporate privilege and deepening poverty.

Note, there was a typo in the CGO conference brochure. The correct phone number for Sue Walton is (847) 475-0391. She asks that folks register ($300) before the end of today June 13th in order to pay the reduced room rate ($105/night).


Council of Georgist Organizations, July 7-11, 2014: http://cgocouncil.org/

RSF staff will be attending both conferences. Book orders can still be placed online during the conferences. However, orders received after June 25th will be processed after July 15th in the order received.