1. (2014 July-August) Conference: CGO

Thank you!

The Council of Georgist Organizations would like to thank its 2014 Conference sponsors and donors, especially, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, the Foundation for Economic Justice, the Henry George School of New York and Todd Engstrum, Area Sales Manager-Southern CA Reeds Inc. for the delicious ginger and root beers for our “Happy Room”.

2014 CGO Conference

Nearly 85 Georgists from North America, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia had an amazing time at the CGO’s 2014 Conference held July 7-11, 2014 at the deluxe Newport Beach Radisson hotel. The group heard speakers on land markets, parking, social media, movement building, public banking, land rent and Proposition 13. We celebrated Henry George’s 175 birthday with a visit from a 16 year old version of Mr. George (Dave Giesen) and older Mark Twain (Dan Sullivan) as our Banquet Speakers.

Conference Evaluations

It’s never too late to return your 2014 CGO Conference Evaluation. By expressing your opinions, you help the Program Committee with its plans and procedures for future conferences, so please return your thoughts ASAP.

2015 Dates

The Council of Georgist Organizations and the International Union will hold a combined conference, August 3-9, 2015 in Southfield, suburban Detroit, Michigan. Over four decades ago, Southfield implemented and benefited from land value taxation, thanks to the work of Ted Gwartney and Mayor Jim Clarkson. Watch this space for updates on the conference.

Speakers wanted

Got a topic that you would like to speak on or be part of panel at the 2015 CGO/IU conference? Then please email, CGO President Dan Sullivan at: director@savingcommunities.org with your topic before September 2, 2014. The joint IU/CGO Conference Planning Team hopes to have 95% of its conference schedule in place by October 1, 2014.

2. (2014 July-August) Conference: Community Gone Viral

On July 5th, 2014, over a hundred community activists met in San Francisco to discuss how to create more vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable communities incorporating Georgist principles.. The day was filled with exciting games, delicious food, stimulating conversation, and great networking opportunities for those seeking to hack San Francisco’s housing crisis. We’d like to express our gratitude to Robert Schalkenbach Foundation for sponsoring the event, and the many volunteers who were instrumental in making it an overwhelming success!

Click this link to see pictures from the conference.http://earthsharing.org/community-gone-viral/

1. (2014 April) Conference: Disneyland Tickets

Don’t forget about the CGO Conference (July 7-11) in Newport beach! For all those young at heart, our hotel rate is valid 3 days before and after our conference, so plan on coming early to see the sites.

[Editor’s note: If attendees would like to come to the Young Georgists Conference in San Francisco (see story below) on July 5th, they may still travel to Newport together and stay three extra nights at the CGO hotel.]

The CGO recently signed up for a program which allows our participants to get discounted admission to Disneyland. Here is the link for the Council of Georgist Organizations ticket store.


Tickets are valid from Friday, July 4, 2014 through Tuesday, July 15, 2014. The ticket store closes at 9:00pm PST on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Click here to purchase specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Theme Park tickets. These special ticket prices are not available once you arrive at the resort. Our ticket store closes at 9:00 PM PST on Saturday, July 05, 2014. Don’t delay! Prices are subject to change without notice.

These specially priced tickets are intended only for guests that are participating in this event. Only the registered attendee is allowed to purchase tickets from this discounted ticket store link and they can purchase up to 8 tickets maximum. We reserve the right to contact the ticket purchaser to request event registration confirmation. If it is discovered that the purchaser of the ticket is not participating or attending this event, it will be considered a misuse of this offer and ticket and the ticket(s) will be blocked and made ineligible for refund. In addition, these tickets cannot be purchased for the purpose of being resold.

2. (2014 April) Conference: Young Georgist Conference

On July 5th, Georgists, young and old, will gather in San Francisco for the Community Gone Viral Conference.

Georgists attending the CGO conference on July 7th will have the opportunity to carpool or bus with Community Gone Viral attendees down to Newport Beach. One might decide to travel along California’s beautiful coastline via Highway 101.

This conference grew out of LVT Facebook group teleconferences, where young Georgists expressed the desire to learn from the experiences of the old Georgist single tax colonies and assess the possibility of starting a new community together, a community with the ability to virally replicate itself and thus the Georgist model.

At the conference, these young Georgists and their older Georgist mentors will attain advice from a wide range of community experts from Single Tax colonies, co-housing communities, land trusts, co-working spaces and other organizations. This will foster an open and engaging two way conversation about how to create a greater sense of community, end poverty, and alleviate environmental destruction among folks who understand the importance of land.

Admission is $49 and includes food. Register at: http://www.communitygoneviral.com/


(2014 March) Contents

(2014 March) Contents

Posted on March

- Serving the Earth Sharing Community


1. (2014 March) Conference: Henry George and Mark Twain: Fireside Chat
2. (2014 March) Huffing and Puffing: Ending California’s Water Crisis
3. (2014 March) Video: China’s Great Uprooting
4. (2014 March) Numbers: How Much Real Estate $1 Million Buys
5. (2014 March) Likeable Link: Let to Buy
6. (2014 March) Likeable Link: Tenant Held Out for $17 Million

1. (2014 March) Conference: Henry George and Mark Twain: Fireside Chat

The Council of Georgist Organizations has made contact with both Henry George & Mark Twain, or rather their post mortem representatives here on earth, David Giesen and Dan Sullivan respectively. In honor of Henry George’s 175th birthday, they have agreed to let this year’s CGO attendees listen in on their fireside chat. Keep an eye out for the CGO conference brochure, to be mailed April 15th.

For more information on the conference visit: http://cgocouncil.org/

2. (2014 February) Conference: CGO Updates

The Council of Georgist Organizations 2014 conference is less than 5 months away.  We thought you’d like to know about some of the 20+ talks and panels.

  • Alex Wagner Lough will be speaking on California land history.
  • Ed Dodson will be leading a round table discussion on land markets and the general economy with economists from both coasts.
  • There will be a discussion on  mal-assessment of land under Prop 13 and its options with former Santa Monica Mayor Mike Feinstein & Lenny Goldberg of California Rax Reform Association. Lenny Goldberg has proposed a proposition to remove commercial property from the pro 13 assessment freeze. He uses high-tech land value maps, with evidence of mal-assessment of commercial lands.
  • LGBT activists John Lewis & Stuart Gaffney will discuss how  the LBGT movement rocketed from the fringe to the mainstream in 25 years. They will then compare and contrast the Georgist & LBGT movements.

For more information, please contact Council Administrators, Sue & Scott Walton: sns@swwalton.com

4. (2013 December) Conference: CGO

Nominations Needed by New Year’s

The Executive committee of the Council of Georgist Organizations is seeking nominations for its Economic Justice Award.  Prior winners include: Mason Gaffney, Lindy Davies, RSF, Center for the Study of Economics, Mike Curtis, Herb Barry, Al Katzenberger, Gil Herman, Nic Rosen, Nadine Stoner, Walt Rybeck, Alanna Hartzok, Dan Sullivan, Ted Gwartney, Herb Barry and Steve Cord to name a few.

Please send your nominations to: sns@swwalton.com as follows:

I’d like to nominate____________________ for the CGO’s 2014 Economic Justice Award. Deadline for nominations is January 1, 2014.

Importance of the CGO Conference- Sue Walton

The CGO conference is the primary conference in the US that strengthens our cohesion by bringing us together face-to-face. As hotel and travel costs have risen, we have worked hard to choose locations that are both accessible and affordable.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and The Henry George School of Social Science have steadfastly supported the conference for many years, despite their own budgetary challenges in difficult times. If the CGO is to continue to maintain its present practices, we need other funders to come forward. Do you know of any other organizations that have an interest in our cause that might be willing to contribute? If so, please let us know.

Scholarship Fund

We try to fund conference expenses for those who do the necessary conference work and could not otherwise attend. This also helps us bring people into the movement who do good work but cannot afford to attend on their own. Donations to our scholarship fund also help us contain conference costs for everyone by relying on these volunteers instead of paid staff. Please contribute if you are able, and consider nominating those whom you think we should help with conference costs. We depend entirely on conference fees, membership dues, donations and contracts.

Please send donations to: CGO, PO Box 57, Evanston, IL 60204.  All donors will be listed in the onsite conference program.

2. (2013 August) Conference: CGO

This year’s CGO conference was an exciting one, brimming with potential from a younger generation of Georgists attending their first conference: Nate Blair, Irisha Johnnyl Johnson & Nathan Johnson, Andrew Perry, Ben Harp, and Jeff Dean. Returning youngins included David Harrell, Ashely-Eve Downs & Edward Miller, Martin Adams, and Jacob Shwartz-Lucas. An estimated 20% of attendees were under 40 years old, full of energy and new ideas, all enthusiastic about collaboration. The conference was a great opportunity for them to finally meet after over a year of facebooking, and video conferencing.








Left to right: Nate Blair, David Harrell,
Edward Miller, Jacob Shwartz-Lucas,
Andrew Perry, Jeff Dean, Ben Harp

A diverse and stimulating range of topics were covered at the conference including:

  • Georgist Education
  • Land policy in US history
  • Pittsburgh’s land tax history
  • Experiences with LVT and Pennsylvania’s Assessments
  • The Politics of Assessing
  • How the 1913 Income Tax Divided the Georgist Movement
  • A Hundred Years of Georgist Songs
  • The Commons Movement: A Civil Right to the Commons
  • Introducing our Vision to Average Communities
  • Transportation and Land Value
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Subway-stop Taxpayer Lots in New York City

Sue Walton, chief organizer of the conference, had this to say:

The Council of Georgist Organizations would like to thank everyone who attended its 2013 Conference in Pittsburgh. We would like to recognize all of the Team CGO  volunteers, especially Osamu Uehara who organized and cooked up a storm at our “happy room” (formerly known as our hospitality suite).  The CGO would also like to thank Jacob Shwartz-Lucas and others from the social media community for their efforts in bringing a large bunch of younger Georgists to the event.  We look forward to seeing you next July in California!


CGO Website:


3. (2013 August) Conference: The IU

Below are pictures of the 2013 IU Conference in London, followed by a report from Bill Batt.

IU photo

Left to right: Daniel Syddall (UK), Alanna Hartzok (US),
Luka Achi (Nigeria), Niels Charlier (Belgium),
Jacob Shwartz-Lucas (US), Vitnarae Kang (South Korea)

IU photo2
Left to right: Niels Charlier (Belgium), Peter Smith (UK)

For several reasons, the 28th conference of the International Union for Land Value Taxation – www.theIU.org  – will be remembered as among the best in living memory by the roughly fifty-five people that were in attendance. There were some seventy people initially registered, but many could not make it at the last minute due to health issues, visa problems, and other conflicts.  Those coming to London from beyond the UK represented almost half of those present, together representing seventeen countries. All this made for some interesting and even compelling exchanges. The theme was Economics for Conscious Evolution, subtitled A Geo-Justice Conference, and all aspects of this title were fully evident with some thirty-seven speakers from every country represented. Conference session topics included:

  • Land and Geo-Justice
  • Land Rights Prospects and Realities in Africa
  • Sharing the Commons: Land, Land Rent and Money
  • Critique of Current Financial Policies
  • Claiming Water, Fish & Oil Commons
  • Why Socializing Rent & Untaxing Production is Good for Labour
  • Case Study: Argentina – From Public Debt to Abundance for All
  • The Socialist Case for Supporting an Annual Land Value Tax
  • Climate Change and New Economics
  • Inequality: Cause and Cure
  • Land Trusts & Eco-villages

Saturday, July 27, David Triggs organized an informative and fun river and bus tour of London’s high points as related to matters of economic justice. Not least were visits to the revitalized Docklands, the British Museum holding a copy of the Magna Carta, and the Guildhall, the home of the London’s Corporate seat for some 800 years. The day-long tour finished at the notable Hyde Park “Speakers Corner,” with the few drops of rain not dampening the attention of attendees and passers-by in any significant way as speakers representing many countries supported the 1949 IU Declaration for Human Rights including the right to share land wealth.

The meeting was held at Mandeville Place, the home of the School of Economic Science – www.schooleconomicscience.org. The building is a gorgeously appointed structure with space fully adequate for the conference sessions, coffee and lunch breaks, and book displays.  While our conference was in session, other activities were continuing without interruption.

No account here can be complete given the number of sessions. Besides the listing above, one might mention the possible legal challenge to South Africa’s Constitution that is now looming, suggestion of airport landing slot rent collection as a solution to the growing congestion at Heathrow, Gatwick and other London Airports, the growing power of a rejuvenated Georgist movement in Australia, the utility of computers and the internet in our movement, and the appeal of Georgism to all dimensions of the political spectrum.

The whole conference, including the Saturday tour, was filmed by Joni Smith and  Noel Jamie, and  for the first time, it was possible to provide live video streaming to those who wanted to follow the proceedings from afar, thanks to the talents of  Daniel Syddall. The entire program is available for viewing here:

Dan has also created graphics online that explain how land value taxation works in dynamic format.  These can be viewed here: http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/12785. They are powerful explications of the relationship between land rent, labor and taxation. Dan was also able to impart much of this technological skill to others at the conference so that we can expect to see its wider application soon elsewhere.

Indeed, our conference made more use of visual materials than ever before. Most presenters had PowerPoint presentations, maps, diagrams, statistical graphics, YouTube segments, and photographs. The presentations of this conference have been collected and will shortly be online and downloadable in addition to the video-streamed presentations. Records of all the other conference programs going back to its founding in 1926, will also soon be available on theIU website (www.theIU.org), and last year’s 2012 Buenos Aires conference is now available.

Every conference shows an improvement, and the biennial conference being discussed for the year 2015, perhaps in Seoul Korea, will offer a still wider array of material than even this meeting had.

A sideline feature of this conference was the number of newly available books written by members of the Georgist movement. RSF had its mini-catalogue available for book purchases. Alanna Hartzok’s collection of published articles, The Earth Belongs to Everyone, was available at the registration desk, as was the DVD of the film, The End of Poverty, sponsored by the Schalkenbach Foundation three years ago. The exhibit table also carried a reprinted edition of Leon MacLaren’s The Science of Economics. Along with his father Andrew, MacLaren was the Founder of London’s School of Economic Science in 1937. One needs also to note Fred Harrison’s several books, including his newest, The Traumatized Society. The conference speaker and Irish author of The Fair Tax, Emer O’Siochru, had her book on the table for the first time as well. John Stewart, who portrays his Georgist philosophy through fictionalized accounts, had not only all his books present but was honored by the conference for his long involvement in the movement. We are fortunate to have a close working relationship with the Shepheard-Walwyn publishing house and its director Anthony Werner. Anthony had the books in its ethical economics series on the exhibit table for the full conference.

The conference acknowledged the outstanding contributions promoting LVT and working with TheIU over many years by awarding trophies to Ole Lefmann (UK/Denmark), Fernando Scornik Gerstein (Spain) and Hector Raul Sandler (Argentina).

A few other items are worthy of note.  Shortly before the conference, the news of the second revolution in Egypt was broadcast. The interim Prime Minister appointed by the intervening military was a venerable elder-statesman and well-known liberal economist. Hazem Beblawi, who had earlier served as vice-prime minister and minister of finance, was now head of the provisional coalition. His past writing shows a very clear understanding of rentier states, and edited a book in 1987 titled The Rentier State. A letter was drafted and signed by all the attending members of the IU urging Mr. Beblawi to press the new leadership to tax resource rents as a way to revitalize the Egyptian economy. This letter is now available on the IU website.

The IU business meeting addressed still other matters, in due course.  The election of officers began by thanking Fernando Scornik-Gerstein for his service as president for the past seven years, and the election of Dave Wetzel as the new president. Vice presidents for some twenty other nations were chosen as well. It was also formally agreed that the IU should aim to have a conference every second year.

The most contentious measure involved whether to change the name of the organization by deleting reference to “Free Trade.” From its inception, the name has been ‘The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade,’ even though it is widely understood that the words “Free Trade,” have today become linked to an economic philosophy of neoliberalism essentially opposite to that in 1926. Free trade advocacy for Georgists has always been premised on the assumption of the universal institution of taxation of land rents, which would then provide greater efficiency, equity, and a harmonized level playing field among nations. For this reason, and the fact that current usage of free trade in our title acts as a barrier when discussing LVT within the UN and other places, a majority of those present and voting argued for the elimination of the words “and Free Trade.” But altering the IU constitution requires a 2/3 majority, and the vote fell just one short of that number.  As a result the informal agreement arrived at was to explore other wording for a special General Business Meeting early next year.

Lastly, no conference report can be complete without mention of the role that Alanna Hartzok played as the newly-engaged General Secretary for the IU. She performed not only as the pivotal person in the conference management but also kept discussion of the executive committee on track in its many prior Skype conference calls and email exchanges. The organization now faces the task of generating a budget that will allow the operations of the IU to continue at the new level of accomplishment and success it has now reached.

The IU’s website: