1. (2013 July) Announcement: CGO and IU Conferences

The Georgist News wants to remind you that what we are advocating is nothing short of remarkable. Success will mean a world where the interests of individuals and society as a whole are aligned, a world where everyone has enough to eat, a world where everyone enjoys a clean and safe environment, a world where everyone is free to realize their true potential.

There are two Georgist conferences coming up. The first is this month in London (the IU). The next is in Pittsburgh, PA in August (CGO). They are both having a final call for registrations. So, please do so now! Meeting face to face is important for creating a successful movement. When people meet in person, they feel a greater sense of trust and willingness to cooperate than they would if they only communicated via phone or the Internet. To be successful as a movement, we need to unite our efforts. We need to meet in person.

Jacob will be in London starting this Friday July 20th, a few days before the conference, to meet with local Georgists and George-curious individuals as part of his role as outreach coordinator with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. Please contact Jacob if you would like to meet with him.

During the CGO Conference’s two social media sessions on August 9th, Jacob Shwartz-Lucas and Edward Miller, hope to do several spontaneous Google Hang-Outs to involve those who can’t make the conference.  The sessions will be held from 9:30-10:45 am and from 3:15-4:45 pm eastern daylight time, so be sure to tune.  For more information please contact Jacob at: jacobshwartlucas@gmail.com

In addition, If you’re making your travel plans for this year’s CGO conference in Pittsburgh, please remember the Georgist Education Workshop! It’s happening from 2 to 5 pm that afternoon (the opening reception is at 7:30 that evening).

Those of you who read Progress and Poverty some time ago, or once took a class at a Henry George School, will appreciate this session — which is sponsored by the Henry George Institute. Four envelope-pushing presenters will demonstrate new concepts and techniques:

– Ed Dodson on expanding on the vital, yet oft-ignored, influence of land policy in US history.

– Bob Jene on the economics of farmland preservation.

– Mike Curtis and Lindy Davies on enhancements to Henry George’s theory of the boom/bust cycle that help to explain current phenomena.

– Lindy Davies on making Georgist curricula more compatible with mainstream economics without compromising its main ideas.

We hope to see you at the conferences!


1. (2013 May) Announcement: Change of Venue for CGO Conference

Sue Walton sends a very important bit of news for anyone attending the 2013 CGO Conference in Pittsburgh:

The CGO was notified on April 26th, that the Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport would be closing on July 15, 2013. The hotel was bought by Robert Morris University who will be converting the hotel into dorm rooms. The CGO officers and staff have actively been seeking a replacement hotel for the past 3 weeks and now we are pleased to announce that we have found a replacement:

One Industry Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Tel: 724-695-0002
Toll-free: 1-888-627-8968

The conference program remains the same. However, the hotel rate will be $95 and will include breakfast. The new hotel is $4 less per night and includes a morning breakfast. The hotel has complimentary Wi-Fi and airport shuttle as well as shuttle to service to the close-by Robinson Town Center shops and restaurants. There is a seasonal outdoor heated pool and a 24 hour fitness center, as well as a Business Center. The hotel is closer to downtown Pittsburgh and can be reached from downtown by taking the same 28X Bus to the airport and call for the hotel shuttle. Please mention that you’re attending the Georgist Conference in order to receive the special discount pricing.

You must make your CGO reservation before July 10th. (Please call the hotel at 724-695-0002 or toll-free at 1-888-627-8968.)

The CGO Officers and Staff

1. (2013 March) Announcement: CGO Update

Georgist Education Sessions to be Featured at 2013 CGO Conference

This year’s education sessions are going to be a real part of the conference, to which all are invited. The sessions, sponsored by the Henry George Institute, will run from 2 to 6pm on Tuesday, August 6. The official opening reception is that evening at 7pm — so if conference participants wish to make these important sessions, all they have to do is arrive earlier on the first day of the conference.

Five presentations are scheduled:
—Mike Curtis on a practical method for determining true rental-value assessments in Arden, Delaware.
—Bob Jene on the practice of preserving farmland through “farm heritage trusts,” and opportunities for alliance with Georgists on this key issue.
—Ed Dodson will demonstrate his PowerPoint presentations expanding on the vital, yet oft-ignored, influence of land policy in the US history.
—Mike Curtis and Lindy Davies will engage in dialogue between Henry George’s theory of the boom/bust cycle and recent enhancements that help to explain current phenomena.
—Lindy Davies will explain some key changes in economic definitions that the Henry George Institute has adopted to make Georgist curricula more compatible with mainstream economics — without compromising its main ideas.

These sessions are part of the conference; registrants are free to attend them at no extra charge.

1. (2013 February) Announcement: Update from CGO

This year’s conference of the Council of Georgist Organizations “celebrates” the 100th anniversary of two important landmarks: Pittsburgh and Scranton becoming the first two cities in the United States to adopt a land value tax (which we do indeed celebrate) and the Wilson Administration’s implementation of the Federal Income Tax (mumble grumble).

Alex Wagner Lough is doing her doctoral dissertation on the Georgist movement in the progressive era, and will speak on the participation of Georgists in adopting the income tax and on the divisions within the Georgist movement over that issue. She suggests that passage of the income tax marks the decline of the Georgist movement, and might have caused it.

George himself vehemently opposed income tax, agreeing with David Ricardo that a revenue tax, even on rental income, would be passed on to the tenants. In Progress and Poverty, George wrote,

As to the truths that are involved in socialistic ideas I shall have something to say hereafter; but it is evident that whatever savors of regulation and restriction is in itself bad, and should not be resorted to if any other mode of accomplishing the same end presents itself. For instance, to take one of the simplest and mildest of the class of measures I refer to — a graduated tax on incomes. The object at which it aims, the reduction or prevention of immense concentrations of wealth, is good; but this means involves the employment of a large number of officials clothed with inquisitorial powers; temptations to bribery, and perjury, and all other means of evasion, which beget a demoralization of opinion, and put a premium upon unscrupulousness and a tax upon conscience; and, finally, just in proportion as the tax accomplishes its effect, a lessening in the incentive to the accumulation of wealth, which is one of the strong forces of industrial progress. (Progress and Poverty, Book VI, Chapter 1, Sec. V.)

However, Wilson’s administration, awash with Georgist leaders, proposed the 1913 income tax, and Congressman Henry George, Jr. cosponsored the legislation. Which Georgists supported the income tax, which opposed it, and the arguments and predictions they made, will be the topic of a special presentation at this year’s conference, August 6 – 10, at the Airport Holiday Inn, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania (a Pittsburgh suburb). We are excited to explore this very important but long-ignored aspect of the history of the Georgist movement.

We will also celebrate and detail the great successes of the Georgist movement in Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania cities, and will tell you more about that in an upcoming edition of The Georgist News.

Dan Sullivan, President
Council of Georgist Organizations

1. (2013 January) Announcements: Updates from CGO

Sue Walton writes:

Attention all CGO & IU members, it’s that time of year to update your Georgist Registy Listing. Please send all updated information to Our Registry Editor/Computer, Lindy Davies at: lindy@henrygeorge.org. Lindy promises to quickly upload all changes to the CGO website.

Calling all book reviewers! The CGO would like the names of all those Georgists who have done book reviews in that last two years because we would like to honor you. Please send the name of the book and the author plus your name and contact info to: Ed Dodson ejdodson@comcast.net no later than February 15, 2013.

1. (2012 December) Announcements: CGO Looking for Award Nominees

Sue Walton writes:

We’re looking for someone to honor! Since the 1999 CGO Conference in Maryland, the Council of Georgist Organizations has given awards for activism, education and advocacy. Below is a list of previous winners.

1999: Gaithersburg, MD—Steve Cord & Walt Rybeck
2000: Des Moines, IA—Nadine & John Stoner, Everett Gross; Claude & Dian Arnold
2001: Pittsburgh—Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
2002: London, ONT—John Fisher
2003: Bridgeport, CT—Ted Gwartney, Harry Pollard, Susan Witt & AIER
2004: Albuquerque, NM—Mason Gaffney; Bob Andelson, HGI
2005: Philadelphia, PA—HGFA; Philadelphia Forward-Brett Mandel,Jonathan Seidel, Lu Cippolloni (Special Lifetime Achievement)
2006: Chicago, IL—Jeff Smith, HGS-Chicago, Jake Himmelstein
2007: Scranton,PA—Mike Curtis (First Advocacy Only Economic Justice Award)
2008: Kansas City, MO—Alanna Hartzok
2009: Cleveland, OH—Dan Sullivan
2010: Albany, NY—Al Katzenberger
2011: Bloomington, MN—Nic Rosen; Jake Himmelstein (Special Lifetime Achievement)
2012: Harrisburg, PA—Gil Herman; Bill Batt (Special Award)

This is an amazing list of people and organizations. The CGO Planning Team would like your advice as to whom to honor in 2013. Feel free to nominate non-Georgists who have advanced the Georgist cause, as well as Georgists who have done outstanding work. Please submit your nominations to Sue & Scott Walton, CGO Administrators, no later than January 15, 2013.

1. (2012 November) Announcement: From CGO Programming Team

The CGO programming team asks: What topics would you like to see addressed? Would you like to be a presenter? Should training sessions be held prior to the conference or within the conference? Would member organizations like to meet within the event? Please let Dan Sullivan (director@savingcommunities.org) or Sue Walton (sns@swwalton.com) know your thoughts before November 28th.