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Volume Fifteen, Number Fourteen
September 16, 2013


1. (2013 September) Social Media:The Taxing Question of Land
2. (2013 September) Announcements: Submit Your 2013 CGO Pictures
3. (2013 September) Good Press: New York Mayoral Race
4. (2013 September) Likeable Link: Congestion Pricing Info-graphic
5. (2013 September) Likeable Link: Tall Buildings, Male Compensation?
6. (2013 September) Video: Your Yard is EVIL
7. (2013 September) Video: Our Rights To Earth And Freedom, TEDxGateway
8. (2013 September) Good Press: Monopoly Board Game

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1. (2013 September) Social Media:The Taxing Question of Land

Yoni Higgsmith and Jamie Noel recently created a thirty minute documentary called The Taxing Question of Land. They both have experience in the film and television industry, and it was fortuitous that they decided to apply their skills towards the promotion of LVT. The film was released at Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) in London a couple of weeks ago for an audience of 300. Watch the film using the link below.


In the months proceeding the release of the film, the team raised £9,170 of the £9,000 target from 103 backers through crowdfunding. The LVT facebook community alone raised £1,000 of that and participated in the creative process, providing feedback on the script.


3. (2013 September) Good Press: New York Mayoral Race

See Josh Vincent’s article below. Since the article was released,  Bill de Blasio has been nominated as the democratic candidate in the NYC mayoral race.

“I have called for a change to the tax treatment for vacant land — from the lower residential rate to the higher rate for commercial property — to discourage long-­term speculation that leaves lots vacant in our neighborhoods, and to encourage the construction of more affordable places to live.”


7. (2013 September) Video: Our Rights To Earth And Freedom, TEDxGateway

As a child of the indigenous Sami people, Sofia has been strongly influenced by the powerful landscapes that surround her and the deep connection that her ancestors
have fostered through their traditional livelihoods which bond them to their land.

As a singer/songwriter, she has toured around the world performing her unique blend of jazz and pop, fused with the Sami musical tradition of Yoik .

Concerned over the destructive impact of industry on the Northern lands Sofia is a founding member of the Arvas Foundation- a group that seeks to remind people that we only borrow earth for a short time and our task is to preserve land and water for future generations.

You can see her Ted Talk using the link below.