(2012 September) Contents

Volume Fifteen, Number Two, September 14, 2012

1. News: CGO Updates
2. Good Press: DailyKos Mentions Henry George
3. Likeable Link: Money Grab
4. Likeable Link: US Green Party Platform Influenced by Progress and Poverty
5. What You Can Do: Henry George Foundation Open Day
6. What Can You Do: 2012-2013 Lincoln Institute Program
7. Requests: George, the Movie — an Appeal from Charles Ashira
8. Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer
9. RSF News: Special Book Offers
10. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes
11. Publication Affairs: About The Georgist News

1. (2012 September) News: CGO Updates

Congratulations to Bill Batt, who was presented with a special award for his volunteer efforts on behalf the CGO Conference Programming Team at the 2012 CGO Conference banquet.

Also at the recent conference in Harrisburg, the Council of Georgist Organizations awarded veteran Henry George Institute Instructor, Gil Herman, of Stamford CT, its Economic Justice Award for 2012. Gil joins past award winners: Nicholas Rosen (2011), Al Katzenberger (2010), Dan Sullivan (2009), Alanna Hartzok (2008), Mike Curtis (2007), Josh Vincent (2005), Mason Gaffney (2004), Harry Pollard (2003), John Fisher (2002): Claude & Dian Arnold, John & Nadine Stoner, Everett & Mildred Gross (all three couples in 2000). The Award which was begun in 1999 at the Gaithersburg, MD conference honors the work of the activists and educators and organizations. The first honorees were Steve Cord and Walt Rybeck It is presented annually at the CGO’s Conference Banquet. Each award is unique because the color of Henry George’s tie is changed every year.

The CGO Execom is accepting nominations for its 2013 award until December 15, 2012. Please send your nominations — including your reasons why your nominee should be selected — to: CGO Secretary, Paul Justus at pjustus5000@yahoo.com.

Presentations are needed for the 2013 CGO Conference. The conference theme will be “100 Years of Land Value Taxation in Pennsylvania”. There will be at least two concurrent sessions during most of the duration of the conference. If you have a topic you would like to present or a speaker nomination, please contact Dan Sullivan, CGO President at director@savingcommunities.org no later than October 15, 2012. Those selected to present will be notified no later than January 1, 2013.


3. (2012 September) Likeable Link: Money Grab

Money Grab: How Can Cities Recapture Investment In Public Infrastructure?

More than a century before Frank McCourt bought his waterfront property, Henry George, a Philadelphia-born economist, was scripting a philosophy that applies aptly to the Boston developer. All taxes, George argued, should be scrapped and replaced with one: A single tax on land.



4. (2012 September) Likeable Link: US Green Party Platform Influenced by Progress and Poverty

The Green Party platform will seek to enact a system of Community Ground Rent/Land Value Taxation that distinguishes between the socially and privately created wealth of land, by increasing the taxes on the former to retain for society the value that it collectively creates and lowers them on the latter to reward individuals for their initiative and work. Read the article:



5. (2012 September) What You Can Do: Henry George Foundation Open Day

Members, supporters, and friends are invited to attend The Henry George Foundation Open Day, to take place at 11 Mandeville Place, London on Saturday, September 22. The day’s program is intended to provide an opportunity to explore how Henry George’s ideas could help address the current social, cultural and economic malaise. It will also provide a convivial environment in which to enjoy the company of friends who share a common interest. For details, click here.


6. (2012 September) What You Can Do: 2012-2013 Lincoln Institute Program

The Lincoln Institute’s annual Program for 2012-2013 presents a comprehensive overview of the Institute’s mission and its diverse programs for the new academic year. It includes department descriptions; courses, seminars, conferences, and online education programs; research, demonstration, and evaluation projects; publications and multimedia products; web-based resources and tools; and lists of fellows and faculty. For more information, click here.


7. (2012 September) Requests: George, the Movie — an Appeal from Charles Ashira

Dear Fellow Georgist: My name is Charles Ashira, of BackHome Pictures (http://backhomepictures.com/) in Los Angeles, California.

It is my great pleasure and honor to announce that I will be at the helm of the long awaited feature length movie project on Henry George. This exciting project is undertaken in collaboration with the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, The Henry George School in New York, prominent Georgist leaders Dr. Mason Gaffney (Professor of Economics at UC Riverside) and Dr. Francis Peddle (President of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation) and many others too numerous to be mentioned here.

As a Georgist, I’m sure you can identify with the vexing reality that most people today still have no idea who Henry George is and what he stands for. We intend to dispel that darkness forever in a way that never seemed possible until now. “George”, the movie, epic in scope, will introduce Henry George to the public as a true American hero. Beginning with his humble beginnings as a journalist, through his run for Mayor of New York City, George’s true-life story and his visionary insight into economic rent are artfully intertwined in a seamless narrative that is at once entertaining, eye opening and inspiring. We have already gained the interest of major Hollywood personalities who will play key roles in front of or behind the camera.

The dramatic feature movie will be produced in conjunction with two companion projects:

  • The definitive, comprehensive documentary film on Henry George’s economic philosophy, his life and times, and
  • A dynamic social media campaign, encompassing a cutting-edge interactive website, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and more.

In a nutshell, the movie‘s main purpose is to entertain and engage the audience emotionally with Henry George, the heroic genius; the documentary‘s goal is to educate the public on his brilliant ideas and what they mean to the world today; and the social media will empower a grass-roots awakening to effect genuine, sustained change in our nation’s economy and tax code.

We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor. The generous participation and enthusiasm of our fellow Georgists in these coordinated projects will ensure our success. The documentary and the social media campaign are supported by tax-deductible donations to The Foundation for Economic Justice, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Checks made out to Foundation for Economic Justice can be mailed to the address below. The feature movie will be financed through private investment; anyone interested in exploring investment opportunities is encouraged to contact me directly.

Charles Ashira
BackHome Pictures
400 North Orange Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036


323-931-1782 office
323-251-5588 mobile


8. (2012 September) Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer

Georgist advocate in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Smith, head of The Geonomy Society, had to put down his 8-yr old computer (88 years in chip years), leaving the Georgist movement without a computer in one of the states most receptive to Georgist reform. Donations are urgently needed to replace this ex-hardworking computer. To keep our movement, our proselytizer, and our cyberspace presence alive in this cutting-edge part of the world, please contribute whatever you can. Use the PayPal button at:


Or send a check to:
The Geonomy Society
5805 SE 41st Avenue
Portland, OR 97202 USA

If you have any difficulty, please email Jeff at jjs@geonomics.org.


9. (2012 September) RSF News: Special Book Offers

The Economics of Henry George

History’s Rehabilitation of America’s Greatest Early Economist

By Phillip J. Bryson

Henry George was the greatest, most famous and most rejected of early American economists. Without formal education he trained himself in classical economics and developed a theory of a “single tax” suggestive of the work of the earlier French économistes. Academic economists of his day rejected his work, but it enjoyed great public popularity in the United States, Europe, Australia and other places. He was more widely read than any other early American economist. History has seen his rehabilitation at the hand of modern economists who have reviewed and analyzed his work in great detail. There is much specialized literature on many specific facets and aspects of George’s work, but we lack a book which provides an overview of George’s economics and of this historic rehabilitation. This brief book attempts to fill that gap. Hardcover 250 pp. List Price: $95 SALE:$65.00

Click here to order.


The Killing Fields DVD

By Fred Harrison and Carlo Nero

This film documents how the introduction of Land Value Tax would give greater value to wildlife and ensure its protection. It is the untold story fo how landowners are making a killing while while species are being wiped out in the fields of Britain and Europe and the work of wildlife conservationists is being undermined in a desperate race to prevent the obliteration of ecosystems. Presented by Fred Harrison and the Wildlife Trust, the film is directed by Carlo Nero, son of renowned film actors Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero. DVD 25 min. List Price: $10.00 SALE: $7.00

Click here to order.


The Other Law of Moses

By John L. Kelly

The Other Law of Moses takes the reader on an epic journey, illuminating a plan for universal freedom and prosperity. The ancient Israelites were among the most prosperous people of their time and became the world’s first middle class nation, enjoying freedom and justice. This book ascribes Israel’s exceptional prosperity to the “Land Law” within the Law of Moses. Virtually unknown in the modern world, this unique and potent collection of economic rules is well laid out in scripture. By his time, Jesus railed against their near destruction, making statements that confuse us today, even though his hearers understood them well.


Using lively narrative and familiar stories from the Old and New Testaments, The Other Law of Moses traces the genesis, observance and success of the Land Law. It opens in about 1200 BC with the beginning of Israel’s centuries-long prosperity and continues through the Law’s gradual corruption; it helps explain the famous anger of the prophets. The ending highlights the uncommon prosperity some modern day cities, regions, and countries enjoy where parts of the Law are practiced. By the end of the book, readers will likely conclude that many of today’s economic precepts are flawed and counterproductive. Paperback 256 pp. List Price: $15.00 SALE: $12.00

Click here to order.


The Other Law of Moses Study Guide

By John L. Kelly

This Study Guide companion to The Other Law of Moses contains four to six questions for each chapter of the book, with space to write responses. The Study Guide is an indispensable tool for groups or individuals wishing to explore and discuss the key points and inferences in The Other Law of Moses. Paperback 38 pp. List Price: $5.00 SALE: $4.00

Click here to order.


Progreso y Pobreza (versión moderna)

Por Henry George, Editado por Bob Drake

Porqué hay recesiones y probreza en medio de tanta riqueza — y qué se puede hacer para evitarlas. Uno de los libros de economía políticas más leídos en el mundo. Editado y abreviado para lectores modernos por Bob Drake. Traducido al español por Germán Lema. Libro de bolsillo 294 pp. List Price: $13.00 SALE: $10.00

Click here to order.



Stolen Land — Stolen Lives

And the Great Con Trick of Debt!

By  Shirley-Anne Hardy

Shirley-Anne Hardy’s new book has woven the land question into an entire tapestry of how we deal with the earth environmentally and spiritually, as well as economically — and shows how they all go together. An outgrowth of a lifetime of writing and work for environmental, economic and social reform, the book pays careful attention to the demands of scholarship, yet offers enchanting poetry, quotes and charming stories. Paperback 346 pp. List Price: $15.00 SALE: $12.00

Click here to order.