10. (2012 November) Obituaries: Artie Yeatman

Arthur P. Yeatman, II passed away at home on Sunday, November 11, 2012. He was 84 years old. Born in West Grove, Pennsylvania, he was the son of the late Clarence P. Yeatman and the late Marjorie Brosius Yeatman. Artie was a farmer and mushroom grower. He served for many years as treasurer of the C.P. Yeatman & Sons Farm. In addition, he was a long-time collaborator with the School of Living and the Henry George Institute, as well as a regular participant in the annual conference sponsored by the Council of Georgist Organizations.

He is survived by his wife, June Valerie Yeatman and siblings, C. James Yeatman, Elisabeth Y. Walker and Robert R. Yeatman. He was pre-deceased by his wife , Shirley Boggs Yeatman and his son, Arthur Philip Yeatman, III.

Friends are invited to share at a Memorial Service celebrating Artie’s life at 10:30 am on Saturday, November 24, 2012 at London Grove Friends Meeting, 500 West Street Road in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

11. (2012 November) Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer

Jeff Smith is soliciting donations on behalf of The Geonomy Society for a much-needed new computer. Below you’ll find his request along with information on how to help:

Georgist advocate in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Smith, head of The Geonomy Society, had to put down his 8-yr old computer (88 years in chip years), leaving the Georgist movement without a computer in one of the states most receptive to Georgist reform. Donations are urgently needed to replace this ex-hardworking computer. To keep our movement, our proselytizer, and our cyberspace presence alive in this cutting-edge part of the world, please contribute whatever you can. Use the PayPal button at:


Or send a check to:
The Geonomy Society
5805 SE 41st Avenue
Portland, OR 97202  USA

If you have any difficulty, please email Jeff at jjs@geonomics.org.

12. (2012 November) RSF News: Special Book Offers

Two Views of Social Justice
A Catholic/Georgist Dialogue
Edited by Kenneth R. Lord

Sixteen scholars have come together in this issue to examine eight social-justice themes from the perspectives of Catholic social thought and the philosophy of Henry George. The themes they address are natural law, human nature, the nature of work, the nineteenth-century papal encyclical Rerum Novarum, causes of war, immigration, development, and neighborhood revitalization. While they sometimes wrangle with each other, their common aspiration is the same as their nineteenth-century predecessors: to find solutions to the human suffering caused by injustice.

Paperback 240 pp. List Price: $40 SALE:$20
Click here to order
(Please note: item will ship in early December)


The Traumatised Society
How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation
By Fred Harrison

Fred Harrison was one of the first to forecast the events that ruptured the global economy in 2008 by applying an analysis that exposes the fault lines in the structure of the market economy. His new book extends that same analysis to the future of the West, evaluating fears from distinguished commentators who claim that European civilisation is in danger of being eclipsed. Harrison concludes that the West is at a dangerous tipping point and provides empirical and theoretical evidence to warrant such an alarming conclusion. But he also explains why it is not too late to prevent the looming social catastrophe.

Paperback 256 pp. List Price: $30 SALE:$17
Click here to order
(Please note: item will ship in early December)

13. (2012 November) RSF News: Free Books!

We would like to offer you some books for free! For a limited time and while supplies last, we are offering select titles to our friends, patrons, and supporters as part of an excess inventory reduction program. Please browse through our offerings — perhaps there are a few books that interest you personally, some that might make an excellent gift for a friend or relative, or others that would be a nice addition to the collection of a local library, school, or college. Click here for details.

14. (2012 November) At the Margins: Quips & Quotes

“The generosity of the Earth allows us to feed all mankind; we know enough about ecology to keep the Earth a healthy place; there is enough room on the Earth, and there are enough materials, so that everybody can have adequate shelter; we are quite competent enough to produce sufficient supplies of necessities so that no one need live in misery.”
~E.F. Schumacher

“Looking for and enjoying beauty is a way to nourish the soul. The universe is in the habit of making beauty. There are flowers and songs, snowflakes and smiles, acts of great courage, laughter between friends, a job well done, the smell of fresh-baked bread. Beauty is everywhere.”
~Matthew Fox

15. (2012 November) Publication Affairs: About The Georgist News

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