(2012 November) Contents


Volume Fifteen, Number Four, November 15, 2012

1. Announcement: From CGO Programming Team
2. News: Annual EEA Conference
3. Likeable Link: Monopoly Is Theft
4. Likeable Link: Georgist Experiment
5. Likeable Link: A Brief History of American Paper Money
6. Likeable Link: It’s Our Money Anyway (VIDEO)
7. Likeable Link: LVT in the UK
8. Likeable Link: More on LVT in the UK
9. What Can You Do: Living the New Economy Conference
10. Obituaries: Artie Yeatman
11. Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer
12. RSF News: Special Book Offers
13. RSF News: Free Books!
14. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes
15. Publication Affairs: About The Georgist News

1. (2012 November) Announcement: From CGO Programming Team

The CGO programming team asks: What topics would you like to see addressed? Would you like to be a presenter? Should training sessions be held prior to the conference or within the conference? Would member organizations like to meet within the event? Please let Dan Sullivan (director@savingcommunities.org) or Sue Walton (sns@swwalton.com) know your thoughts before November 28th.

5. (2012 November) Likeable Link: A Brief History of American Paper Money

A Brief History of American Paper Money With Emphasis on Georgist Perspectives
To counter ever-rising levels of debt, provide full employment, and to create jobs for things that need to be done, Congress should create debt-free United States Notes
By Scott Baker, Common Ground-NYC activist


9. (2012 November) What You Can Do: Living the New Economy Conference

Living the New Economy
Granville Island (Vancouver, BC)
Nov. 19-25

Living the New Economy is hosted by the Healing Cities Institute – a not-for-profit society dedicated to making cities places that enhance our physical, social, mental and spiritual health. Much of the Institute’s focus is on the importance of physical place, such as those things being explored in the program’s design charrette and walkshop. Since cities are made up of people and few things impact our social and mental health more than money, exploring ideas for different dimensions and approaches to the economy is key to the diversity, sustainable prosperity and health of any community.

Anchor speaker Charles Eisenstein will set the tone and open the conversation for the week drawing from his work for the book Sacred Economics, a lucid, clear and practical discussion of the history, issues and resolutions of our current economic state.

For information, go to http://neweconomy.ca/