Volume Fourteen, Number Seven, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Groundhog Day and Merry Midwinter (or summer, if you're Down Under)! England, it seems, keeps ahead of the rest of this pack, as you can read below. Welcome aboard new subscriber Allen Smith for whom the land issue became his monster pet peeve by the time he was working in construction 1990-95. "I never heard of Henry George until 2004 or 2005; I can't tell you how much that wonderful discovery has done for my mental health and my ability to have conversation." Well put, Allen. If any reader knows anyone else who'd enjoy the News, put them in touch. Thanks.

CONTENTS: * 32nd N. American Conference of the CGO ** Biannual IU in Buenos Aires 1. Good Press: Financial Times; Morning Star 2. News: A Smaller Example of a Larger Principle 3. Numbers: A Councilman's advice & Ireland's richest speculator 4. Movement Progress: News from Ireland, Managua 5. Letters: Evening Post 6. Obituaries: Dan Kryston; Chuck Metcalf 7. Likable link: Speech by Iroquois warrior and chief Sconondoa; Spirit of Twain 8. What You Can Do: Partner up; Land Rights Course 9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 10. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

* The 32nd North American Conference of the Council of Georgist Organizations July 30 - August 6, 2012, Next to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the Camp Hill Radisson Tentative Program Two public outreach sessions: A panel on the hot Marcellus Shale controversy, focusing on collecting a royalty or severance tax and on including mineral rights in the property tax. A debate on whether to replace property tax with a non-real-estate tax. We are looking for a neutral moderator and the best advocates of abolishing property tax we can find. Sessions of general interest to Georgists: Land value tax in Pennsylvania Land and race, from Thaddeus Stevens to Martin Luther King Sessions to make us more effective: Strategic Planning. Marketing your message. Networking and Skills Exchange. Feedback from Focus Groups. New Methods in Georgist Education. Toastmaster-Style Speeches. Open Mike. Sue Walton, conference administrator, sns at

** Biannual IU in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 15-18 All the Georgists of Argentina hope that a crowd of Georgists from around the world will join them in Buenos Aires. To register for the conference, please contact Hector Sandler: hsandler at and copy the accountant Gonzalo Lecuona (Secretary General of the ASAP) gonzalo_lecuona at Thank you.

1a. Good Press: Comment in the Financial Times by Steven Clarke, via Carol Wilcox, Labour Land Campaign [Article by Samuel Brittan, 26 Jan 2012] 'Diogenes was right to value more than happiness' "This is an instance of the way in which he (or his advisers) is irresistibly drawn to fashionable left-of-centre gimmicks but eschews genuinely radical measures such as stopping official support for arms sales or instituting a land value tax."

1b. Good Press: In the Morning Star - London by Pete the Temp, 14 Dec 2011 If you'd like to polish your skills, Occupy London has workshops, talks, and working groups laboring hard to incubate and cultivate practical solutions to the global crisis. I saw a talk here on the land value tax, a campaign that could radically restructure how property and wealth are managed. If you go to St Paul's be sure to find Robin Smith, representative of the radical Systemic Fiscal Reform group from Cambridge. Robin, believe it or not, used to be a Tory councilor. [On-site video interview with Robin here: poor sound quality]

2. News: A Smaller Example of a Larger Principle The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here is one of the latest articles: Whales for Sale - If people pay for what they take, do they take less and use the source of their harvest more wisely? "Saving Whales by Putting a Price on Their Tail?" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

3. Numbers: A Councilman's advice & Ireland's richest speculator The Future - One happy trend, one tall warning, lots of unaware economists, and one enlightened politician. "Homicide drops in US despite fallen economy" Indicators Update - Where in the business cycle are we? Is the worst over, or is more misery yet to come? "Why are bonds outperforming stocks over long term?"

4a. Movement Progress: Site Value Tax in Ireland by Kevin Smyth, January 31, 2012 A report has been issued on introducing Site Value Taxation in Ireland by Ronan Lyons on behalf of the Smart Taxes Network. The report assesses the obstacles to implementing SVT in Ireland and how these can be overcome. It also assesses the revenue potential of the tax and the distribution of land values in Ireland.

4b. Movement Progress: News from Managua by Paul Martin, Director, HGIEC / CEIHG, Managua, Nicaragua, ceihg at, January 1, 2012 For news stories on the CEIHG Managua: Please put a web link to the website of the Henry George International Education Center/Centro Educativo Internacional Henry George (HGIEC/CEIHG) and a separate link to the Georgist Community Fund (GCF) on whatever links or contacts pages you may have on your Georgist or social justice oriented website. We have just updated and improved our website presentation and invite you to take a look. We probably already have a link to your own Georgist website on the CEIHG website at but if we don't, we would be happy to add it. Just e-mail us with the address (URL) of the homepage. The CEIHG's first Georgist Community Fund year-end celebration and "common fund" distribution took place in Nicaragua Dec 28th. We had 81 participants in all and handed out the "citizen dividend" to 19 of our 42 current members. Thanks to the five international Georgists (MarkS., CayH., TedG., JeffS. and GilH.) who made the effort and connected with us at the event. For years, many of you have said kind words about all the "great work" Paul Martin and the CEIHG (IHG) have been doing in Nicaragua. Thank your for all your moral support! But all those P&P courses and all those hundreds of graduates amounted to practically nothing ... until now, because we have changed our way of thinking about our purpose and strategy and have discovered the GCG paradigm of movement building. Now, with the GCF, each qualified CE graduate and each qualified Georgist proponent worldwide can become part of an international movement of shared understanding and public demonstration. Now we can accumulate all the energy we invest in teaching and graduating informed students. Now we can expand our numbers into a recognizable movement with influence far beyond what has been possible without such an association. Won't you help with this process by becoming a member, today? For a sane, secure, and prosperous progress for all: Common Rent and Private Wages!

5. Letter: Evening Post from Wyn Achenbaum, January 4, 2012 Description of a Georgist community in Delaware a century ago: In Arden Town Bird and Bush Life Sacred Single Tax in Practice Evening Post, 1914-05-09; Volume LXXXVII, Issue 109, p.10

6a. Obituary: Daniel J. Kryston (1942-2012) by Steve McErlain, Jan 8, 2012 Daniel Joseph Kryston a Chestnut Ridge, NY resident for 35 years, died Friday, January 6, 2012 surrounded by his loving family at Nyack Hospital. He was 69. Mr. Kryston was an attorney for the City of New York for 40 years. He was born March 16, 1942 in Bronx, NY to Frank and Henrietta Kryston. He married Elizabeth in 1967. He was a past president of the Municipal Engineers of the City of New York. Dan was a strong advocate of social justice and served as chair and president of the Henry George School of Social Science until illness forced him to retire. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth; daughters, Koreen Kryston Thomas and her husband Rowland and Janeen Kryston Waddell and her husband Sean; five grandchildren, Sophie, Rowland and Charlotte Thomas and MacKenzie and Jackson Daniel Waddell; brother, Frank Kryston and numerous nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 11:30 AM Wednesday, at St. Margaret's R.C. Church, Pearl River, NY. Viewing is Tuesday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 PM at Wyman-Fisher Funeral Home Inc. In lieu of flowers friends may send memorial donations to St. Dominic's Home, Executive Director, 500 Western Highway, Blauvelt, NY 10913 or United Hospice of Rockland, 11 Stokum Lane, New City, NY 10956.

6b. Obituary: Chuck Metcalf (January 8 1931 - January 11 2012) by Orion, Jan 19, 2012 Member of the Forum on Geonomics, Chuck Metcalf was such a wonderful man. I heard him play standup bass over the years and was always enthralled. I hired him for a gig and we put a trio together, practicing every week. I used to ask him to play louder on his exquisite solos; he said, No I want the people to listen. After hanging with Chuck for a while, I started calling him "the furrowed brow". He emailed me about a demonstration on Tax Day 2011, so I went to a meeting in Oakland; I've been immersed in the Occupy Movement ever since. I offer my condolences to you all for yours and my great loss.

7a. Likable Links: Speech by Iroquois warrior and chief Sconondoa by Ed Dodson, January 10, 2012 A new PowerPoint presentation to use as the basis for a classroom discussion of our shared rights to land. The text is a speech made by Iroquois chief Sconondoa in 1752 at a council with representatives of the English colonies. I have added an introduction describing the territorial battles between the "First Americans" and European powers and colonists. Sconondoa's views are honestly expressed, and they open the door for serious discussion of such issues as the claim to territory by right of conquest, and the very idea that land can be bought and sold. A narrated version of this PowerPoint is now online at

7b. Likable Links: Spirit of Twain by Wyn Achenbaum, January 24, 2012 Some might enjoy these websites: And this sounds promising, if you have reason to be in Nevada on April 14 of this year: Mark Twain on Taxes: Tahoe-Incline Performing Arts Theater, Incline Village, NV. Doors open at 6, the trouble begins at seven.; 775-833-1835

8a. What You Can Do: Looking for Partners by Fred Harrison, fred.harrison at, January 10, 2012 Publication of my IU-sponsored book in July, 'Nature and Society,' coincides with various other initiatives. Taken together, these present the opportunity for a systematic re-launch of the Georgist paradigm that might make it possible to blast our way into the public consciousness. If there are significant events which could be added to my calendar, please let me know. I am hoping that UK-based activists and organizations can gather for a Council of War in London in early September. A similar event ought to be held in the US in the autumn. The objective: to assess the viability of existing approaches to communicating the Georgist paradigm, identifying possible alternatives, and establishing priorities for action. This initiative ought to include Denmark and Australia. I am looking for partners.

8b. What You Can Do: from Land Rights Course by Alanna Hartzok, Earth Rights Institute, alanna at, January 1, 2012 There are Two Days this year when we can create special events to affirm that The Earth Belongs to Each and Everyone One of Us. On these Two Days we can present the earth rights ethic as a way to address environmental destruction and end the ravages of war. These Two Days are the Days of Equinox - the time of equal balance of dark and light that we all experience the world over on March 20th and September 21st. These are global commemorations that are growing each year, encouraged and supported by a number of organizations and websites. Let us create events that show the connections between how the earth is "owned" and how the earth is treated. When the land and resources are fairly shared, human beings have basic needs met and can give more time and attention to environmental concerns. With access to land and a fair economy, people naturally care for the earth because their consciousness is uplifted, rather than ground down by needs for personal survival. March Equinox Earth Day Events: The International Day of Peace is on Equinox Friday, September 21.

9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session. - Author Unknown (tho' it may have been coined by Gideon J. Tucker and appropriated by Mark Twain) Labor: One of the processes by which A acquires property of B. - Ambrose Bierce Theories are private property, but truth is common stock. - Charles Caleb Colton

10. Publication affairs: Contributing to this issue Along with those acknowledged above with each blurb, Editor: Jeffery J. Smith Assistant Editor: Caspar Davis Archivist: Stewart Goldwater Owner: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Founder: Adam Jon Monroe Send your news and other interesting material to the Georgist News, jjs at or gn at The deadline for the next issue is the 25th of this month. The Georgist News, a project of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is an email newsletter brought to you free of charge. Its purpose is to keep you updated on the latest news, citations, events, and initiatives of relevance to people who, like Henry George, seek a world free from special privilege and the causes of poverty. Do you know someone who'd enjoy reading the GN? Please forward them an issue and ask them to subscribe, or send us their eddress. As always, it's free. Thanks. The Georgist News is also available online:

The Georgist News, Volume Fourteen, Number Seven, February 1, 2012