Volume Fourteen, Number Six, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! May it see our progress grow exponentially, with more tours, members, and gatherings, as you can read below. If any reader knows anyone else who'd enjoy the News, put them in touch. Thanks.

CONTENTS: 1. Movement Progress: Canadian speaking tour, News from HGI, News from Managua 2. Good Press: Cape (of Good Hope) Times 3. News: Oil royalties and elected office widen wealth gap 4. Numbers: Both rates of crime and prices of homes are down 5. Letters: Monopoly & Presidential candidates 6. Likable link: YouTube video on ending poverty 7. What You Can Do: Conferences: South Africa, Canada; A Valuable Investment Idea 8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 9. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

The 32nd North American Conference of the Council of Georgist Organizations July 30 - August 6, 2012, Next to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the Camp Hill Radisson Tentative Program Two public outreach sessions: A panel on the hot Marcellus Shale controversy, focusing on collecting a royalty or severance tax and on including mineral rights in the property tax. A debate on whether to replace property tax with a non-real-estate tax. We are looking for a neutral moderator and the best advocates of abolishing property tax we can find. Sessions of general interest to Georgists: Land value tax in Pennsylvania Land and race, from Thaddeus Stevens to Martin Luther King Sessions to make us more effective: Strategic Planning. Marketing your message. Networking and Skills Exchange. Feedback from Focus Groups. New Methods in Georgist Education. Toastmaster-Style Speeches. Open Mike. Sue Walton, conference administrator, sns at

Biannual IU in Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 15-18 All the Georgists of Argentina hope that a crowd of Georgists from around the world will join them in Buenos Aires. To register for the conference, please contact Hector Sandler: hsandler at and copy the accountant Gonzalo Lecuona (Secretary General of the ASAP) gonzalo_lecuona at Thank you.

1a. Movement Progress: Canadian speaking tour by Frank de Jong, Earthsharing Canada, December 3, 2011 On the invitation of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Frank de Jong visited Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg in November, speaking on the multiple benefits to urban design when municipal property taxes are shifted off buildings and onto land value alone. I expanded the topic to include the advantages of financing governments through economic rent capture in lieu of taxes on jobs, business and sales. Interviews -- audio, text:

1b. Movement Progress: News from HGI by Lindy Davies, Director, Henry Georige Inst, lindy at, December 17, 2011 The Henry George Institute currently has 201 members, from 28 countries. Dues are $20 per year, and are also accepted in kind for service as a volunteer instructor, or on the board.

1c. Movement Progress: News from Managua by Paul Martin, Director, HGIEC / CEIHG, Managua, Nicaragua, ceihg at, December 17, 2011 Georgist Community Fund is a vehicle to gather and organize old and new georgist leaders and supporters into a constantly multiplying, self-reinforcing, functional network whose members can then better support all the great georgist educational and advocacy projects now in progress. GCF membership has increased to 32, including six international (non-Nicaraguan) members. You can see updated membership and procedural information on the GCF webpage. The GCF's online qualifying test is working fine. So far, only one of the six who have taken the exam had trouble passing it. The rest passed by a large margin. A local celebration of the GCF at the CEIHG in Managua of 60-70 GCF members and CE graduates was December 28, to which international members paid virtual visits via Skype.

2. Good Press: Cape (of Good Hope) Times by Peter Meakin, Registered Professional Valuer, Associate Institute of Valuers SA, meakin70 at, December 21, 2011 Three letters were recently published in the Cape Times. If you'd like to polish them up I agree to co-publish it. Our SACPRIF has finally taken the plunge and instructed attorneys to seek relief from the income tax and VAT Acts. We must have a war chest.

3. News: Oil royalties and elected office widen wealth gap The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here is one of the latest articles: Societies accepting inequality and undue property overrun societies that respect its members, as the US grows less equal. "Stanford researchers-- those who spread were deprived" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

4. Numbers: Both rates of crime and prices of homes are down How the Other Half live. New studies on kindness, cruelty, and costs. Crime in streets drops as crime in suites rises. "Poor People May Have More Compassion"

5. Letter: Monopoly & Presidential candidates by Ed Dodson, ejdodson at, December 19, 2011 I have rewritten the rules of Monopoly to make the game somewhat close to what Lizzie Magie might have approved - using the Monopoly game board with some added and different property cards and adding office buildings to the game. Also, I have written a biography of Lizzie Magie and posted it on the website of the Philadelphia extension of HGS: "What the candidates for the U.S. Presidency say they will do for the economy and who they have chosen as their economic policy advisers" was the subject of a lecture I gave using PowerPoint slides. I apologize in advance for not providing information on candidates for other parties, even though their proposals may be more thoughtful and worthy of support. Also, I just composed the latest "Updates on the School of Cooperative Individualism". All are available on request.

6. Likable Links: YouTube video on ending poverty by Jacob Shwartz-Lucas, December 3, 2011 I need your help! The youtube video page of How to End Poverty, teaser introducing the needed reform, is going crazy with comments. I can not attend to all of them. There are just too many. We have many potential converts here.

7a. What You Can Do: International Conference: Land Divided 2013 by Godfrey Dunkley, December 14, 2011 This international conference on Land and South African Society, scheduled to take place in Cape Town next March, could be very important and should draw participation from many Georgists/Land Value Taxers. The RSA Government is already looking for solutions in its Parliamentary Green Paper, closing end of this month. Comments appreciated. The conference will be organised around four main themes: * The Legacy of the 1913 Natives Land Act * Land and the environment * Land reform and agrarian policy * The multiple meanings of land: identity, rights, belonging. Organisers are calling for initial expressions of interest, to assist in the planning. These can be submitted either via or Obiozo Ukpabi: oukpabi at

7b. What You Can Do: International Conference: Land Dividend & BIG by Kelly Ernst, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership, Co-Chairs of the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress, December 13, 2011 I would like to invite you to participate in the next congress in Toronto this coming May 3rd to 5th, 2012. The deadline for the call for papers is January 13th. Please submit your 50-150 word proposal directly to: basicincome2012 at Please send this invitation to anyone in your networks that you may feel could contribute to the congress.

7c. What You Can Do: A Valuable Investment Idea by Phil Anderson, Economic Indicator Services at, December 18, 2011 "A great (and rare) Australian book recommended by Steve Keen is The Secret Life of Real Estate, by Phillip J. Anderson. His book looks at 18-year cycles in real estate throughout the last two centuries and is simply the best book on long term real estate trends we have ever seen." - Harry S. Dent, jr. 2009 "His expertise in economic forecasting is second to none! His lectures, and his two-day workshop, which I've filmed, are deeply informative." - Maireid Sullivan, arts and media advisor, Melbourne Available easily on Amazon: If you let me know you have bought a copy, I will include a complimentary subscription to the website and all the site material, for both yourself and the person you buy the book for, free for one month.

8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana. - Bill Gates I told my mother-in-law that my house was her house, and she said, "Get the hell off my property." - Joan Rivers Property has its duties as well as its rights. - Thomas Drummond

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The Georgist News, Volume Fourteen, Number Six, January 1, 2012