Volume Fourteen, Number Three, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Henry George! (Sept.2). And welcome to perhaps the last issue of the Georgist News, as the current trustees of movement resources have for now declined to renew funding. While this newsletter was in existence, we do hope you found it fun and useful. If it does resurface -- perhaps as a page at the Progress Report -- you'll be the first to know. For this issue at least, we welcome aboard Bill Sell and Megan Carr of Milwaukee. We keep making progress; publicity has been strong. Enjoy the read.

CONTENTS: 1. Good Press: News site Truth Out Twice, Public Radio Station 2. Numbers: How Much Do We Save When We Protect Nature? 3. News: Prime Pakistani land given for another golf course 4. Movement Progress: IEET advocating LVT 5. Letters: Congressional Briefing, Ethan Allen, Annual CGO, New Book, Documentary Recommendations 6. Likable link: The Pelican Web of Solidarity and Sustainability, Alodia video with George Collins is now live!, Current Newsletter, my new blog 7. What You Can Do: Call for Papers, Get on Twitter, Sign UK E-petition, Invitation to Georgist Community Fund 8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 9. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

2a. Good Press: News site Truth Out Twice This popular news site publishes Howard Zinn, Paul Krugman, Dean Baker, Amy Goodman, Jim Hightower, and now a geonomist, yours truly, relating geonomics to contemporary issues. "Downsizing Sprawlopolis: Flabby City, Fit City" appeared Sunday, 14 August 2011, by: Jeffery J. Smith, a Truthout | Op-Ed; it has received 478 FaceBook "shares". "It's August. Do You Know Where Your Vacation Is?" appeared Friday, 26 August 2011, by: Jeffery J. Smith, Truthout | Op-Ed; so far it has received only 14 FaceBook "shares", so you know what to do.

2b. Good Press: Public Radio Station KZYX by Richard Biddle, biddle95463 at, August 17, 2011 This morning Richard Heinberg, author most recently of THE END OF GROWTH, mentioned Henry George on an hour long call-in program on my local public radio station KZYX (at 9 am PDT) in Philo, CA. I've spoken with him briefly a number of times most recently at the June 2011 Mendocino Film Festival. I gave him a copy of the 2006 abridgment of PROGRESS & POVERTY several years ago at SOL FEST in Hopland CA where he was a scheduled speaker. This small breakthrough may be an indication of what's going in the right direction. Editor's Note: Very good work, Richard. As you may recall: This from Richard Heinberg: The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies, New Society Publishers, 2003). In Chapter 6: Managing the Collapse (on strategies for coping with the declining amount of fossil fuels), p.225: "Tax reform is also essential. Geonomic tax theorists, who trace their lineage back to 19th century American economist Henry George, argue that Society should tax land and other basic resources -- the birthright of all -- instead of income from labor. It is no accident, say the Geonomists, that the only state where income grew faster during the last two decades for the poorest fifth of households than for families at the top of the economic heap was Alaska -- which is also the only state to share rent from a natural resource. Geonomic tax reform, say advocates, could decrease wealth disparities while reducing pollution and discouraging land speculation. Similarly, taxing nonrenewable resources and pollution -- instead of giving oil companies huge subsidies in the form of depletion allowances -- would put the brakes on resource extraction while giving society the means with which to fund the development of renewables." On p.234, his list of referrals gives the website for the Geonomy Society.

2c. Good Press: LVT in the news again Tony Vickers, August 31, 2011 LandValueScape Update The last few days have seen several UK broadsheets give coverage to two policy papers up for discussion at the coming Lib Dems' Conference (17-21 Sep.) both of which suggest that UK's Third Party plans to strengthen its policy...

2. Numbers: How Much Do We Save When We Protect Nature? How much companies must pay to extract oil effects not just the public's take but also how much nature gets disturbed. "New Offer of Oil Leases In the Gulf of Mexico" Want all the current indicators in one place? Periodically, The Progress Report publishes just such a digest. To give readers greater breadth, depth, and the most salient facts, many articles at the Progress Report are not single articles but compilations, offering a compendium of data on a particular theme.

3. News: Prime Pakistani land given for another golf course The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here is one of the latest articles: Neighboring -stans, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are plagued by fraud and land-theft, made worse by the US war effort. "$360M lost to insurgents, criminals in Afghanistan" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

4. Movement Progress: IEET advocating LVT by Edward Miller, August 8, 2011 At the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies: The Only Economic Reform Worth Talking About If you are an environmentalist, you should support *Land Value Taxation*

5a. Letters: Dr Kaoru Yamaguchi Congressional Briefing by Stephen Zarlenga, Director, American Monetary Institute, August 12, 2011 Our report on Dr. Kaoru Yamaguchi's briefing to Congress is now up on the Huffington Post. It helps if more people participate in this conversation. Our new website is now online!

5b. Letter: Ethan Allen via Wyn Achenbaum, August 19, 2011 Real Estate and the American Revolution A biography of Ethan Allen puts the spotlight on land greed. By Francois Furstenberg -

5c. Letter: Annual CGO by Sue Walton, sns at, August 22, 2011 The Council of Georgist Organizations would like to thank all those who participated its 2011 conference and we look forward to seeing you next year. We would especially like to thank Jake Shwartz-Lucas, Walt Rybeck, Jeff Smith, and Ed Miller for their media insights. Thanks to the Henry George School of New York and the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation for their continued financial support of our annual events. Watch this space for the dates and location of our 2012 conference!

5d. Letter: New Book by Chris R. Tame by Sean Gabb, Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979), via Jock Coats, August 22, 2011 The Land Question in Classical Liberal Thought And the "Georgist" Contribution to Classical Liberalism: A Bibliography by Chris R. Tame, Edited with an Introduction by Sean Gabb, The Hampden Press, London, 2011, 533pp

5e. Letter: Documentary recommendations by Jeff Dean,monkeymanjeff at, August 31, 2011 I'm part of a group, Transition Victoria, and we want to hold a documentary screening. I'd hoped to show Real Estate 4 Ransom, which has a good Geoist theme, but I don't think that will come through in time. Can I get recommendations for documentaries with an economic theme?

6a. Likable Links: The Pelican Web of Solidarity and Sustainability by Luis T. Gutierrez, PhD, PE, August 11, 2011 The August 2011 issue of Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development, has been posted. Page 5. Land Value Taxation -- Panacea or Placebo, by Alanna Hartzok

6b. Likable Links: Current Newsletter by Karl Fitzgerald, Projects Coordinator, Earthsharing Australia, August 23, 2011 Our latest issue is out, highlighting the 120th Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner:

6c. Likable Links: Alodia video with George Collins is now live! by Lindy Davies, August 24, 2011 The Alodia Scrapbook is a collaboratively-written book that tells the story of the nation of Alodia's bold economic and political reforms during the first decade of the 21st century. This February, at the Henry George School in New York, our long-time colleague and professional actor George Collins presented a powerful reading of the speech in which General Samuel Akuopha announced the new Georgist economic program to his people. George has reprised his performance of Akuopha's speech on video -- which is now live at Please order a copy of the Alodia Scrapbook, and pass it along to people you know! If you'd like to include this video on your site, you can simply paste in this code: <iframesrc="" width=400 height=300> </iframe> to get this:
... or provide a link to it:

6d. Likable Links: my new blog by Cathy Orloff, August 29, 2011 I started a blog this summer....slowly...but now think I have the hang of it...need COMMENTS if you have any inclination, and of course put your own site up there too.

7a. What You Can Do: Call for Papers on Land Tenure by Steve Clowney, August 9, 2011, via Wyn Achenbaum Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts seeks Articles for its March 2012 issue, Land Ownership and Tenure. The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 1st. 2011.

7b. What You Can Do: Get on Twitter by Adam Jon Monroe, August 16, 2011, adamjonmonroe at Twitter has geo-legs. rs4r is on it, earthsharing, me, others. Charles Davis started following me some weeks ago (and my twitter name is at TaxLandNotMan). Davis is hilarious and biting on twitter.

7c. What You Can Do: Sign UK E-petition: Land Value Tax shift by Stewart Goldwater, August 17, 2011 Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury To introduce Land Value Taxation, an annual tax on the rental value of land, as the chief source of government revenue to replace existing sources of taxation including income tax, VAT and Council Tax. Closing: 15-Aug-2012

7d. What You Can Do: Invitation to Georgist Community Fund by Paul Martin, Director, HGIEC/CEIHG, Director at, August 18, 2011 The new "Georgist Community Fund" is an international association of qualified and self-professed proponents of the economic reform proposal put forth in the book Progress and Poverty by Henry George. Membership is free. All you have to do to become a member is to pass a short qualifying exam to verify your understanding of the basic principles of the georgist paradigm. Membership does not require any action on your part, except that of maintaining your annual membership qualification. Benefits of GCF membership include: Support the growth of the georgist movement in the third world countries where the participation of developed country members is seen as a strong encouragement. No fees, no dues, no compulsory contributions to the fund; but at the end of the year, you will receive a share of the fund just for being a qualified member. We already have 20 members in Nicaragua, with more coming, plus 10 who have just solicited membership outside of the USA.

8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room. - Woody Allen There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you. - Will Rogers Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win. - Jonathan Kozol

9. Publication affairs: Contributing to this issue Along with those acknowledged above with each blurb, Editor: Jeffery J. Smith Assistant Editor: Caspar Davis Archivist: Stewart Goldwater Owner: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Founder: Adam Monroe Send your news and other interesting material to the Georgist News, jjs at or gn at The deadline for the next issue (if there is one) is the 25th of this month. The Georgist News, a project of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is an email newsletter brought to you free of charge. Its purpose is to keep you updated on the latest news, citations, events, and initiatives of relevance to people who, like Henry George, seek a world free from special privilege and the causes of poverty. Do you know someone who'd enjoy reading the GN? Please forward them an issue and ask them to subscribe, or send us their eddress. As always, it's free. Thanks. The Georgist News is also available online

The Georgist News, Volume Fourteen, Number Three, September 1, 2011