Volume Fourteen, Number Two, August 1, 2011

Welcome to the month when Vesuvius erupted -- impressive, but they say slow and steady wins the race. We keep making progress; in some places, the public already recovers rents. If anyone knows anyone who'd happily be a reader, please put them in touch. Thanks. Enjoy.

CONTENTS: 1. News: Some urge rent-recovery, some actually do it 2. Good Press: Aussie Greens for fair tax on mining coal 3. Numbers: $200 billion doled out & School policy or social reform? 4. Movement Progress: Biography of Henry George, Book Prize, HGIEC/CEIHG 5. Letters: Sun Yat-sen & Margo St. James & Bucky O'Neil; SCI 6. Likable link: Real Estate 4 Ransom 7. What You Can Do: Earth Rights Campaign; The Georgist News forever; Sign the petition 8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 9. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

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1. News: Some urge rent-recovery, some actually do it The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here is one of the latest articles: Capturing land rent is not only promoted by major media but also implemented by business and government worldwide. "From Hong Kong and London to Maldives and India" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

2. Good Press: Australia's Labor Party reaffirms tiny tax Australia's Green Party wants a far greater mining tax than the Labor government is willing to propose. "Aussie Greens for fair tax on mining coal"

3. Numbers: $200 billion doled out & School policy or social reform? Wars also cost lives, property, and survivors' sanity. Luckily we have a way to avoid war -- economic justice. "US wastes $34 billion in Afghan and Iraq contracting" Billionaire Bill Gates admits his effort to buy better education was a bust. But what would revive learning? "Was the $5 Billion Worth It?" Want all the current indicators in one place? Periodically, The Progress Report publishes just such a digest. To give readers greater breadth, depth, and the most salient facts, many articles at the Progress Report are not single articles but compilations, offering a compendium of data on a particular theme.

4a. Movement Progress: Biography of Henry George by Yoon-sang Kim, yskimhg at, July 19, 2011 We are considering to translate a biography of Henry George for general readers. We expect your suggestions. We, Korean Georgists, will take time before choosing a text for Korean translation, because there seems to be no consensus. Although the Korean conservative government is hostile to Georgism, a good news is that not a few YOUNG Korean Georgists are joining us. We hereby also want to tell you that we're always encouraged that there are dedicated Georgists like you [on Land Theory].

4b. Movement Progress: Book Prize by Fred Harrison, fred.Harrison at, July 22, 2011 I am pleased to inform you that with the support of Georgist votes, Polly Higgins won the People's Book Prize (non-fiction) with her book Eradicating Ecocide. See: I was a finalist with The Predator Culture - but I reckoned that our publisher, Shepheard-Walwyn, stood a better chance of being one of the victors if we did not divide our votes. That is why I asked my friends and colleagues to throw their weight behind Polly's book. With your help, I intend to win that prize next year!

4c. Movement Progress: Update from HGIEC/CEIHG Managua, Nicaragua by Paul Martin, Director, HGIEC/CEIHG, July 26, 2011 "CEIHG News as of July 2011" includes news and updated statistics of our popular "Comprender la Economía" course, and some interesting accompanying photos. CEIHG Graduates Two More Comprender La Economía Courses "Georgist Community Fund": New Paradigm for the Georgist Movement Georgist Development Plan Gets Green Light From Nica Government At, enter and click on "NEWS and Photos"

5a. Letters: Sun Yat-sen & Margo St. James & Bucky O'Neil via Wyn Achenbaum Lincoln inspired Sun Yat-sen's political philosophy: president July 4, 2011 The United States played an important role in influencing the founding father of the Republic of China and his political ideals, President Ma Ying-jeou said ... The exhibition, titled "Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the United States," features ... Sun's Hawaiian birth certificate ... Ma noted that Sun, when he drafted his political philosophy, was deeply inspired by Henry George ... as well as Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address of 1863...

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Coyote beautiful Margo St. James: prostitute, politician, and warrior by Sarah Toce | 2011-07-20 Margo St. James: In '96, I ran for supervisor and I actually won a seat -- the extra seat, after somebody on the Board won one in Sacramento... Now back in the early '60s, Willie [Brown] and I were on the board of the Henry George School of Economics. Wyn adds another tidbit, July 28, 2011: Captain Bucky O'Neil ... was a roughrider, a confidant of Teddy Roosevelt, and was killed at San Juan Hill at age 38. A short piece in the NYT, transcribed on the site, says that TR learned his "single tax" from Bucky O'Neil.

5b. Letter: School of Cooperative Individualism newsletter by Ed Dodson, ejdodson at, July 8, 2011 The latest issue is now available. To see the newsletter, please get in touch. Thanks.

6. Likable Links: Real Estate 4 Ransom by Karl Fitzgerald, Projects Coordinator, Earthsharing Australia, July 22, 2011 The first of 3 trailers for our debut documentary Real Estate 4 Ransom is now up at: So far so good, 752 plays in 24 hours, up to 2575 plays in just 2 days, so lets hope the ball is rolling because the Australian housing market is unwinding at a rate of knots. Also, read about Phillip Soos' new report - "Bubbling Over - A history of Australian residential bubbles" -

7a. What You Can Do: The Georgist News forever by Andrew Priddle, July 1, 2011 I want to donate to help GN keep going. How can I do so from Western Australia - by email? by Australian cheque? GN is very stimulating. This issue is paticularly good. I'm sending it to a few others. Mark Sullivan of RSF (the funder) notes: One possible mechanism is for RSF to use it's on-line "bookstore" to sell subscriptions to GN (as it sells hard copy books). Donations earmarked for GN could be received using the same method. Of course, checks payable to RSF and earmarked for GN, could also be used. If this method is agreeable, we would need to arrive at a reasonable subscription price. Editor's Note: Thanks, Mark. Another option is to use PayPal at our sister site: and earmark your voluntary subscription for the Georgist News. Now the ball's in the reader's court!

7b. What You Can Do: Earth Rights Summer Campaign Drive by Annie Goeke, ajgoeke at, July 6, 2011 Urgent funds are needed in order to allow ERI to continue running its various programs and working to make changes all over the world. Please support us! Thank you. Updates on Our Work - West Coast Office & East Coast Office are now available. To see the newsletter, please get in touch. Thanks.

7c. What You Can Do: Sign the Petition by Scott Baker, July 29, 2011 I just signed the petition "End the Debt Crisis with debt-free United States Notes!" Could you help by adding your name? You can read more and sign the petition here:

8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes Work is a necessary evil to be avoided. - Mark Twain How do you know you've met a good tax accountant? He has a loophole named after him. - Anon. Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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The Georgist News, Volume Fourteen, Number Two, August 1, 2011