Volume Thirteen, Number Twelve, June 2011

Jolly June! - whether it begins your summer or winter. It's both jolly and jarring when a Peer in the House of Lords suggests taxing land! If anyone knows anyone who'd happily be a reader, please put them in touch. Thanks. Enjoy.

CONTENTS: * Conference Announcement 1. Good Press: LVT proclamation in Guardian 2. News: House of Lords debate, The view of both us and a big newspaper 3. Numbers: If the state won't collect the commonwealth ... 4. Movement Progress: Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development 5. Letters: Latest newsletters, Public trust doctrine, Narrated powerpoint on the financial crisis, Japan and Fairhope 6. Likable links: Why land rent will save the world, Harrison videos, "dirt!" The movie, Telegraph monopoly, Huffington Post, Canberra Times 7. What You Can Do: Write Long-Time Georgist, Speak Your Mind, Review books, New website is up 8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 9. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

* Major Announcement: Why You Should Come to the Conference by Sue Walton, May 11, 2011 The Law of Rent never changes, but our schedule may -- without notice. The programming committee thought you'd like to see the CGO 2011 Conference Schedule; we have had some things since we went to print in late March. Some highlights: Wed: The Potential for Value Capture from Transit-Oriented Development Introduction/moderator: Henry George's Predictions of Railroad Expansion to California - Dan Sullivan Panelists: Jim Erkel, Adeel Lari, Lee Munnich, Rick Rybeck Wed: Keeping it Simple: Rebuilding a Popular Movement with Room for Non-intellectuals Looking for Answers to Everyday Problems Moderators: Sue Walton and Toni Gwartney Panelists: Mike Curtis, Lindy Davies, Irene Marmi, Jeff Smith; special guest: Walt Rybeck Thurs: Communicating Georgist Principles Using Modern Media Techniques Introduction/Moderator: - Lindy Davies Demonstration Pieces Using Local Examples to Illustrate Georgist Principles - Erich Jacoby-Hawkins Attract Public Support by Circulating Alternative National, State or City Budgets (using web-based statistics) - Frank DeJong Fri: Is the World's Financial System on the Verge of Collapse? A Critical Review of "The Stiglitz Report" Introduction/Moderator - Ed Dodson Roundtable on the causes of the financial crisis Panelists: Polly Cleveland, Nic Tideman, Fred Harrison, Adele Wick, Stephen Zarlenga Sat: Taking Land Out of the Market: Economic Potential of Community Land Trusts Introduction/Moderator: Minnesota's Experience with CLTs - Rich Nymoen Panelists: Greg Finzell, Janet A. Lindbo, Teresa vanderBent, Jeff Washburne Respondent: Mike Curtis For more information please contact: Sue and Scott Walton at: sns at or visit our website: Anyone having difficulties with making hotel reservations for the 2011 CGO Conference, should contact Tina Harpke at our hotel; Her direct line is 952-893-8439 or tina.harpke at

1. Good Press: LVT proclamation in Guardian From: David Reed, via Carole Wilcox, May 2, 2011 The Guardian contains another full-page statement of the case for LVT, this time from Philip Inman, just as full-on as the previous one from Ashley Seager. Carol adds: See here The comments are very encouraging and Mark Wadsworth is doing a great job in fielding the anti's. See also this which talks of a conference in Dublin on 9th May with a session on 'SVT'.

2a. News: House of Lords debate by Stewart Goldwater, May 24, 2011 Market Stability - Question House of Lords debates, 23 May 2011, 2:45 pm Lord Palmer of Childs Hill (Liberal Democrat): My Lords, as the Joseph Rowntree report says, the main reason for the problem is the shortage of land. Would my noble friend comment on whether the Government will look at how to encourage the release of unused land, such as in land auctions or the taxation of unused land, to encourage the owners and developers of land to bring it into use even when its value might be lower than they expect?

2b. News: The view of both us and a big newspaper The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here are some of the latest articles: As Ireland entertains the English queen, it also royally pleases other English landlords by still paying them land rents. "Irish State pays English lords for Eire land" Has USA Today been reading this website? They just echoed one of our long-standing calls to reform public revenue. "Don't close tax loopholes for just Big Oil" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

3. Numbers: If the state won't collect the commonwealth ... Localities have lots of their own economic value that overriding states won't let them tap for the general good. "Let communities collect revenue that they create" Profit from land is scarce for home sellers but not for Manhattan condo owners nor those who're tax-exempt. "New series on solving the financial crisis" Want all the current indicators in one place? Periodically, The Progress Report publishes just such a digest. To give readers greater breadth, depth, and the most salient facts, many articles at the Progress Report are not single articles but compilations on a particular theme, offering a compendium of data on one sector:

4. Movement Progress: Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development by Jason Bessey, May 16, 2011 I just received a link to the latest issue of the free online journal, Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development. Not long ago, I had some correspondence with the editor, Luis T. Gutierrez. I briefly introduced him to the ideas of Henry George. Apparently, he liked Henry George enough to mention him: "Global citizens need to push for laws that eliminate tax loopholes and free externalities. Subsidies for polluting forms of energy must be cancelled... To this end, it would be timely to reconsider existing proposals that have been mostly ignored -- or implemented only to a very limited extent -- such as Henry George's proposal for a single land/resource value tax..."

5a. Letter: Latest Aussie Newsletter by Karl Fitzgerald, Projects Coordinator, earth at, May 2, 2011 The latest issue of the Australian newsletter EarthSharing featuring "Pop! The Real Estate Bubble has Burst" is now available. So is a press release, "46,220 empty homes -- the genuine housing supply issue". Please get in touch to receive a copy. Also, I've got a dedicated Progress magazine 'digital downloads' page up and running so now your readers can keep track of our long standing magazine ... and our now imploding real estate market: Our latest Speculative Vacancies report can be seen here: Our Home Buyer's Strike continues to gain media attention, read David Collyer's campaign overview: Join the Buyer's Strike Facebook group - (tho' pls go easy on the HG references ... we don't want to appear as a cult.)

5b. Letter: Litigation re the public trust doctrine by Willis A. (Bill) Frambach, May 10, 2011 Whether or not we like it, "heavy hitters" are now weighing in to litigate public trust doctrine issues. Please remember the dissent of the first Justice Harlan in Plessy v. Ferguson and his vindication in Brown v. Board of Education. I predict that this issue, too, will be "litigated until they get it right." Please see:

5c. Letter: Latest Airr News, No. 16 by Godfrey Dunkley, Godfrey.Dunkley at, May 10, 2011 The latest Association for Incentive Revenue Research (AIRR) Newsletter, No 16, "The Ultimate Monopoly", is now available. Some advance copies of this subject were sent out but there have been a number of additions and amendments. Copies of earlier AIRR Newsletters are available by Email.

5d. Letter: Narrated powerpoint on the financial crisis by Ed Dodson, May 16, 2011 I developed a video series examining the origins of the financial and economic crisis. Working as a market analyst and business manager for Fannie Mae until 2005 left me with what I think are some unique perspectives. I include relevant graphs and charts. The six episodes in the series (each about 10 minutes in length) can be viewed and listened to at At the main page of Authorstream, click on the BROWSE link, then enter my name -- Edward Dodson -- in the search line. This series and several other presentations I have developed will appear. Despite what one hears in the media and from various sectors of our government, many measures of our societal health continue to deteriorate.

5e. Letter: LandValueScape Update by Tony Vickers, May 17, 2011 The Professional Land Reform Group, at its first Annual General Meeting, heard the speaker Julian Pratt, whose book Stewardship Economy has the intriguing sub-title: "private property without private ownership". Stewardship Economy: Julian takes a refreshingly 'green' but market-based approach to our society's system of property rights. He comes to very similar conclusions to those of Henry George, Leon Tolstoy, and Winston Churchill. Julian goes further than some in suggesting that the annual fee paid by 'stewards' of land could eventually completely replace conventional taxes and even provide an Environmental Dividend for citizens, equivalent to a Citizens Income.

5f. Letter: Japan and Fairhope by Wyn Achenbaum, wyn at, May 26, 2011 A Lesson From Japan (1906): Riukiu (now Okinawa) This refers to Alfred Stead's 1906 book, "Great Japan," which is available on Google Books, and has several very interesting chapters. I'm happy to send them to anyone who wants to read them. A LESSON FROM JAPAN in The Arena, Volume 35, 1906 The Single-Tax For Centuries In Practical Operation, and Its Result. Also, "Getting Away: Fairhope" by Shannon Roxborough, Sunday, May 29, 2011 | SPECIAL TO THE RECORD Also, this 1965 article, "The Commuting and Residential Decisions of Central Business District Workers" It runs 31 pages. I've copied in perhaps the first third here: Also, from Oregon ... Replace 'Buy Locally' laws with the laws of economics Economists have exposed the fallacies of such thinking over the centuries. Henry George may have said it best ...

6a. Likable Link: Why land rent will save the world Land rent constantly measures the annual value of all bare land, and so allows polluters to be charged for every year until they repair the damage. ... Wyn Achenbaum, May 16, 2011: I commend it to your attention. Chris Tolworthy created this. See also his blog.

6b. Likable Link: New Fred Harrison videos Frank deJong, May 13, 2011: An excellent new video from Fred Harrison on how those who rent effectively pay most if not all of the taxes. The Bridge John Burns, May 31, 2011: About Venice flooding because of land grabbing. Phil Anderson, May 31, 2011: More recent videos. Excellent viewing: Irish ghost towns: Spanish ghost towns: Garden of life: Killing fields (Some great viewing here put together by a great Director, Carlo Nero.):

6c. Likable Link: "dirt!" The movie by Pia Francesca DeSilva, May 13, 2011 A great documentary shown on Public Television (PBS) recently is called: "dirt!" The movie... I purchased a copy of the DVD and the book (non-fiction: DIRT: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth) authored by William Bryant Logan. Check out their website:

6d. Likable Link: Telegraph monopoly by Richard C. Gerkin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, 15 May 2011 Interesting story about the history of the telegraph monopoly (and it's relevance to modern day net neutrality) with two mentions of Henry George and the difficulties it caused him:

6e. Likable Link: Huffington Post by Stephen Zarlenga, Director, American Monetary Institute,, May 7, 2011 We are now publishing on Huffington Post! Also, please sign up on our home page through the AWeber contact form, if you haven't done that yet. This will save the AMI many hours when we send out an update; your info is confidential.

6f. Likable Link: Canberra Times Canberra & land taxation & Henry George by Marcus Mannheim, 14 May, 2011 Taxing debate we should have, but our greed prevents us

7a. What You Can Do: Write Long-Time Georgist by Sue Walton, CGO Administrator, May 9, 2011 Don Hurford has moved to an assisted living complex. His new address is: 112 South Church Street / The Wentworth, West Chester, PA 19383. His phone number is: 484/266-0861. Don would love to hear from his old friends!

7b. What You Can Do: Speak Your Mind by Robert Blau, May 9, 2011 An opportunity/avenue for Georgist expression?

7c. What You Can Do: Review books by Andrew Mearman, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Economics, Bristol Business School, May 10, 2011 I have several books for review for Economic Issues, including: * DeMartino, The Economist's Oath * Levine, Oxford handbook of Judaism and economics * Cowell, Measuring Inequality * IFS, Dimensions of Tax design: the Mirrlees Review * Eichengreen, Gupta and Kumar (eds), Emerging Giants: China and India in the world economy Please let me know if you would like to review them and I'll get them to you. If you are aware of other books in which readers might be interested and you would like to review, please let me know.

7d. What You Can Do: New website is up by Bill Batt, hwbatt at, May 16, 2011 In an effort to fight Governor Cuomo's effort to browbeat the legislature into passing a cap on property taxes in New York State, I've been working flat out. But it's hard to get face time with legislators, or even their staffs, and lots of the arguments are too complex. So I have resorted to a website: My colleague and GIS tech, Bob Breglio, who is also an assessor and a Georgist, is loading land value maps as he can onto that site. And that requires such large files that we've had to use a special kind of program called Plone, which Josh Vincent is helping me with. But none of us are very good at it -- are there any others of us out there that know Plone and can give us some advice? Meanwhile, the New York Times came out on May 15 opposing the Governor's proposal. But it's a fast-moving train, and he's got 70% support and a $7 M campaign war chest advertising for it. It smells. But help me if you can. Thanks.

8. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes What luck for rulers that men do not think. - Adolf Hitler A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. - anon. Society in every state is blessing, but government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst an intolerable one. - Thomas Paine, 1737 January 29 - 1809 June 8 Ed. Note: The biography on Paine by Audrey Williamson compares his work in detail to that of Henry George on p.243.

9. Publication affairs: Contributing to this issue Along with those acknowledged above with each blurb, Editor: Jeffery J. Smith Assistant Editor: Caspar Davis Archivist: Stewart Goldwater Owner: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Founder: Adam Monroe Send your news and other interesting material to the Georgist News, jjs at or gn at The deadline for the next issue is the 25th of this month. The Georgist News, a project of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is an email newsletter brought to you free of charge. Its purpose is to keep you updated on the latest news, citations, events, and initiatives of relevance to people who, like Henry George, seek a world free from special privilege and the causes of poverty. Do you know someone who'd enjoy reading the GN? Please forward them an issue and ask them to subscribe, or send us their eddress. As always, it's free. Thanks. The Georgist News is also available online

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