Volume Thirteen, Number Eleven, May 2011

Merry May and Workers' Day and a major land-guy's birthday. Welcome flowers in the North, colorful leaves in the South, and a new rent-recovering city into the fold. If anyone knows anyone who'd happily be a reader, please put them in touch. Thanks. Enjoy the news of breakthroughs.

CONTENTS: *  Major Announcement: Why You Should Come to the Conference 1. News: Taiwan passes a tax on super hot property 2. Good Press: Financial Times, London Times, Campaign for Liberty, OpEd News, Wall Street Journal 3. Numbers: DC Streetcar could add $10-15 billion in value 4. Movement Progress: Wetzel, Hartzok, Baker, Martin 5. Correction: Last Issue (April, 2011) 6. Letters: Orville Wright, Georgics, Latest newsletters 7. Likable link: Harrison videos, Talks & Speakers 8. What You Can Do: New Book by Long-Time Georgist 9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 10. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

* Major Announcement: Why You Should Come to the Conference by Sue Walton, April 21, 2011 36 Reasons why you should come to the 2011 CGO Conference: * Joe Bast - Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL * Bill Batt - Georgist Researcher, Albany, NY * Polly Cleveland - Georgist Educator, NY, NY * Mike Curtis - Georgist Educator, Arden, DE * Lindy Davies - CGO VP, Brooks, ME * Frank DeJong - Green Party of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario * Ed Dodson - School of Cooperative Individualism, Cherry Hill, NJ * Jim Erkel - MN Center fort Environmental Advocacy * Greg Finzell - Rondo Community Land Trust, St. Paul, MN * Ted Gwartney - CGO President & Chief Assessing Officer, Greenwich, CT * Toni Gwartney - CGO Treasurer, Bridgeport, CT * Fred Harrison - British Author * Cay Hehner - Education Director-Henry George School, NY, NY * Erich Jacoby - Hawkins-Barrie, Ontario Canada Green Party Activist * Jay Kiendrowski - Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis, MN * Adeel Lari - Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis, MN * Janet Lindbo - West Hennepin Affordable Housing Land Trust * Andrew Malzone - Georgist Educator, NY, NY * Irene Marni - HGS-Chicago Board member * Lee Munnich - Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis, MN * Rich Nymoen - Georgist Activist, St. Paul, MN * Myron Ornfield - Director of the Institute on Race & Poverty, University of Minnesota * Rick Ryback - Director of Just Economics, Washington , DC * Walt Rybeck - Author, Silver Springs, MD * Jeff Smith - Director of the Forum on Geonomics, Portland, OR * Dan Sullivan - Director of Saving Communities, Pittsburgh, PA * Nicholas Tideman - Professor of Economics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute * Teresa vanderBent - Executive Director, Two Rivers Community Land Trust * Dr Tony Vickers - Secretary, Professional Land Reform Group; Chair, Liberal Democrats ALTER (Action on Land-value Taxation & Economic Reform - ALTER); lecturer on Green Taxes, Kingston University School of Surveying & Planning, London UK * Frank Walker - Attorney, founder or Prosper California * Sue Walton - CGO Administrator, HGI board member & instructor, Evanston, IL * Jeff Washburne - Executive Director of the City of the Lakes Community Land Trust * Dave Wetzel - interim Director-IULVT & Transportation Activist-UK * Adele Wicke - Economist, RSF Board member * Steve Zarlenga - founder and president of the American Monetary Institute * Jerry Zhao - Humphrey Institute, Minneapolis, MN All 36 of these individuals will be speakers at the 31st Annual Conference of the Council of Georgist Organizations, August 2-6, 2011, Bloomington, MN For more info. contact: Sue and Scott Walton at: sns at or visit our

1. News: Taiwan passes a tax on super hot property The conventional media sometimes cover the reform of tapping natural values for public benefit while de-taxing our efforts. To keep up to date, visit The Progress Report daily. Here are some of the latest articles: How much tax do super rich Americans really pay? Can taxing income really close the yawning wealth gap? "US rich see taxes drop dramatically yet?" To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link.

2a. Good Press: Financial Times (London) via Carole Wilcox March 31 2011, From Chris Nicholson, Director, CentreForum, on Wayne Rooney: In a world of internationally mobile labour the attraction of taxing the rent of a factor of production that cannot move - land - increases. That is one reason why the Institute for Fiscal Studies' Mirrlees Commission report recommended that land value taxation should be firmly on the chancellor of the exchequer's tax reform agenda. It is also why Nick Clegg, UK deputy prime minister, backed by your editorial "Tax Britain's high value houses" (March 29), is right to suggest that such taxation should be looked at as a source of revenue if a 50p income tax rate is to be dropped. March 31 2011, from Dominique Hurle: It is unfair that owner-occupiers avoid paying tax on the imputed rent of the property they live in April 1 2011, from Arnold J. Harper: Returning the unearned economic rent of land to the community, by taxation applied to that value, is equitable.

2b. Good Press: London Times via Roger Sandilands, April 2, 2011 There was an excellent article in yesterday's London Times: "Not a plague on all your houses, just a tax", by Phillip Collins commenting on Business Secretary Vince Cable's recent case for a "mansion tax". (requires log-in)

2c. Good Press: Campaign for Liberty website by JP Chance (of Boston), solar7man at, 6 April 2011 State, County and municipal governments can finance local expenditures by sharing revenue from Land Value Taxation and abolishing all sales and income taxes. The Federal government, too, can abolish all taxes on sales, just wages, salaries, and pensions, and it can easily finance a sensible annual budget ($300 billion) with fair taxes on the use or depletion of natural resources such as hydrocarbons, other minerals, and our radio spectrum. Social Security, Disability, and Unemployment Insurance, too, can be replaced with a Citizens Dividend derived from natural resource rent, and on non-monopolistic Renewable Energy Credits (US RECs) issued directly to citizens

2d. Good Press: On Op Ed News by Scott Baker, Op Ed News Journalist/Senior Editor, April 27, 2011 Mason Gaffney's article on Op Ed News, "Oil and Gas Leasing: a Study in Pseudo-Socialism", got 552 views so far and seems to be stable at that number.

2e. Good Press: Wall Street Journal by Dr. Nicholas Rosen, CSE and HGI, APRIL 28, 2011 California vs. Texas: Debating Their Economic Policies Substantial taxes on land make land speculation unprofitable and prevent real estate bubbles from expanding too far.

3. Numbers: DC Streetcar could add $10-15 billion in value Transportation infrastructure in the US, studies show, could finance itself, with lots leftover -- it already does elsewhere. "Maldives firm hikes airport land rent by 50% as ..." Want all the current indicators in one place? Periodically, The Progress Report publishes just such a digest. To give readers greater breadth, depth, and the most salient facts, many articles at the Progress Report are not single articles but compilations on a particular theme, offering a compendium of data on one sector:

4a. Movement Progress: Spot, the Land-Taxer by Dave Wetzel, Transforming Communities, davewetzel42 at April 12, 2011 See: This was my sixth visit to China in recent years - Shanghai, Beijing, Langfang, Harbin, Chengdu and here in Qinhuangdao in 2010. In 2009 I was offered a teaching post at Harbin Uni in the very north of China but London commitments prevented me accepting. Today I have been invited to speak on LVT at a government sponsored conference in Yangzhou.

4b. Movement Progress: Activist REPORT Q3 by Alanna Hartzok earthrts at, April 12, 2011 The online course ( on Land Rights and Land Value Capture has 570 people enrolled from 82 countries (80 now enrolled from US). Class groups have been formed for India, UK, Togo, Venezuela, Pakistan, Ethiopia, South Korea, Cameroon, Uganda, Costa Rica, Ghana, Bangladesh and Myanmar (former Burma). Re. Myanmar, most of the registrants came through promotion of the course by World Vision in that country. Several students organized Land Rights events on Equinox Earth Day. I talked about Georgist themes at the Equinox Earth Day held in the Rose Garden at the United Nations. Gordon Abiama organized a one day Symposium on March 3rd on Land Rights and Land Value Capture at Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, Niger. Several high up public officials and professors presented papers to 150 plus who attended. While at the UN one day I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who after said, "This sounds like the solution for what our group has been focusing on the past six months." His "group" turned out to be the World Bank and he was Abdulrahman M. Almofadhi from Saudi Arabia, one of the 25 Executive Directors of the WB. Editor's Note: Alanna accomplished much more. To see all her fine work, contact her for a copy of her report.

4c. Movement Progress: At Common Ground-NYC by Scott Baker, ssbaker305 at, April 19, 2011 We've gone from 7 members to 19 in a year, plus from meetings of 3-7 people to meetings of 2-3 dozen, plus, of course, virtual meetings like this by many of us. We have 4 subcommittees and several legislative inroads ?

4d. Movement Progress: Nicaraguan Organizational Development by Paul Martin, CEIHG Mga, ceihg at, April 24, 2011 The Centro Educativo Internacional Henry George (CEIHG) graduated its latest "Understanding Economics" (CE) class on April 4th with 18 graduating out of an initial class of 37 students. The CEIHG has secured government approval to submit a multi-million dollar development project proposal for the development of an innovative ecological tourism and commercial zone in the center of Managua. Any georgist arquitects out there who would like to collaborate on this? The Henry George International Education Center (HGIEC) has been registered in the State of Mass. as a non-profit organization since mid-2010. At the end of March of this year, the HGIEC was recognized and registered as an international NGO under the laws of Nicaragua. The Instituto Henry George is now transitioning to officially being known as the CEIHG in Nicaragua. The HGIEC needs to expand its board of directors with three new USA-based board members. Let us know it you are interested. Subsequent to expanding the board, the HGIEC will need to submit its IRS 501(c) tax exemption application. Can you recommend us a trustworthy professional service? If your tax exempt org has made its 1023 application in the last few years, would you be willing to e-mail us a scanned copy so we can use it as an example? The CEIHG in Managua is looking for funds to employ an Assistant Director. Care to donate? Go to our webpage and follow the links, or just e-mail us for how-to instructions.

5. Correction: Last Issue (April, 2011) by Stewart Goldwater, March 31, 2011 Item 6a: LandValueScape Update by Tony Vickers, March 23, 2011 Ironically, the day before Treasury Committee published their report, a piece in the FT by David Pilling reported that Hong Kong's Government, which relies on Land Rents accounting for about 40% of all its revenue, was giving ***US to every citizen because it has a surplus. One reader commented: "Wow, a taxation system so efficient that the Government can't spend all the revenue and is reduced to giving it back to the citizens as cash payments! How quickly can we get such a system implemented in Britain?" *** indicates missing dollar amounts. They are: HK$6,000 ($770). All apologies.

6a. Letter: Orville Wright and Single Tax by Wyn Achenbaum wyn at, April 8, 2011 Were you aware Orville Wright was interested in The Single Tax? The actual typed letters are on the eBay site.

6b. Letter: Georgics! by Bill Batt, hwbatt at April 15, 2011 There's a new book coming out -- already listed on Amazon by Edwin Hagenstein, titled Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and Land, by Yale University Press. No, it's not someone stealing our word -- perhaps we've stolen from it, that is an ancient epic poem by Virgil about land matters. I have a feeling we're going to have to contend with it somehow, as it's likely otherwise to cause some confusion.

6c. Letter: Latest Aussie Newsletter by Karl Fitzgerald, Projects Coordinator, earth at April 18, 2011 The latest issue of the Australian newsletter EarthSharing featuring "Home Buyers Strike campaign update" and "Pop! The Real Estate Bubble has Burst" is now available. Please get in touch to receive a copy.

6d. Letter: Latest Airr News, No.15 by Godfrey Dunkley Godfrey.Dunkley at, April 25, 2011 The latest Association for Incentive Revenue Research (AIRR) Newsletter, No 15, featuring Economic Mobile in the Air, is now available. Copies of earlier AIRR Newsletters are available by Email. Copies of earlier AIRR Newsletters are available by Email.

7a. Likable Link: New Fred Harrison videos by John Burns, April 4, 2011 You just gotta love Fred. He does spread the message simply and at times from many angles.

7b. Likable Link: Talks & Speakers by Stephen Zarlenga Director, American Monetary Institute, April 21, 2011 Two new ipods are up on the website: Stephen Zarlenga's talk at the Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting 2/26/11 Zarlenga's Talk to the Cleveland Society of Friends (Quakers) 4/11/11 7th Annual Monetary Reform Conference Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi will again make his system dynamic presentation on the American Monetary Act Professor Joseph Huber who works with the great James Robertson, will come in from Germany. Ben Dyson will be here from the UK.

8. What You Can Do: New Book by Long-Time Georgist by Anthony Werner, April 12, 2011 Re-solving the Economic Puzzle by Walter Rybeck takes readers on the intellectual journey. Published by Shepheard-Walwyn, London, 256 pp.

9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. - Henry David Thoreau

10. Publication affairs: Contributing to this issue Along with those acknowledged above with each blurb, Editor: Jeffery J. Smith Assistant Editor: Caspar Davis Archivist: Stewart Goldwater Owner: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Founder: Adam Monroe Send your news and other interesting material to the Georgist News, jjs at or gn at The deadline for the next issue is the 25th of this month. The Georgist News, a project of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is an email newsletter brought to you free of charge. Its purpose is to keep you updated on the latest news, citations, events, and initiatives of relevance to people who, like Henry George, seek a world free from special privilege and the causes of poverty. Do you know someone who'd enjoy reading the GN? Please forward them an issue and ask them to subscribe, or send us their eddress. As always, it's free. Thanks. The Georgist News is also available online

The Georgist News, Volume Thirteen, Number Eleven, May 1, 2011