Volume Thirteen, Number Four, October 2010

This month marks the Old World meeting an even older one. Let's hope that our old idea meeting even older attitudes has a happier outcome! Could happen, judging by all the recent good press. Enjoy the read. If you know anyone else who'd happily be a reader, please put them in touch. Thanks.

CONTENTS: 1. News: Party candidates; Leaders lead! & Colleges buy land 2. Good Press: The Spectator, Aussie Radio, County Star, Matt Yglesias, Information Clearing House, Tribune-Democrat 3. Numbers: Millions find low-pay jobs 4. Movement Progress: China Needs LVT - first PLRG talk 5. Letter: 2011 CGO Conference, Latest Oz Newsletter 6. Correction: Labour & Land Tax 7. Likable link: LVTfan blog, George and Nock article, Scott Sumner, Real Estate Prices in Manhattan 8. What You Can Do: Green Economics Retreat, Alodia Scrapbook, Secret Life of Real Estate, Political Economy course material 9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes 10. Publication affairs: Contributors, About the Georgist News

1a. News: Libertarian candidate promotes LVT by Mike O'Mara, romike at, September 23, 2010 Mik Robertson, Libertarian Party candidate for Representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, 63rd District, who is also the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, endorses shifting to LVT in his campaign statement, saying, "It is time for the Commonwealth to utilize the benefits of this shift and allow this option for all local governments...." Also, another Libertarian Party candidate in Pennsylvania, Vernon Etzel, running for US Congress, PA-5th, favorably mentions the land value tax shift in his campaign flyer, as one of several alternatives to the income tax.

1b. News: Green Party candidate promotes LVT by Justin Trottier, Media Relations, Frank de Jong Campaign, Ward 18 Davenport, justin.trottier at; votefrankdejong, September 24, 2010 Frank de Jong has just put out the following media release. Please help us in disseminating it widely: Media Release: Electrify Pearson Rail Link, says Frank de Jong, City Councillor Candidate 2. The rail link need not be financed by federal, provincial or city taxes, but rather should be paid for by collecting the rise in land values it generates along the route, especially around stations (Land Value Taxation).

1c. News: Leaders lead! & Colleges buy land Officials duty-bound to defend natural resources step up to the plate in both Africa and America - hooray! "Grabbing resources goes unchecked - 'til now" Is there a link? Universities speculate in land. Academic economists play down land's role in economies and in politics. "Infrastructure - Another Obaman Gift to Bankers" To keep up with the latest in the world of economic justice, visit the daily news site, the Progress Report, where such articles appear. To establish a shared frame of reference for a discussion about how to solve economic issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, try sending them the link, see how it goes.

2a. Good Press: LVT & Labour By Fred Harrison, September 1, 2010 The original piece in The Guardian on Labour leader Burnham (cited last month) was followed up at The Guardian website with a long comment by Carol Wilcox (Sept 3). A Conservative publication, The Spectator, discussed the proposal in depth and identified LVT as a Tory "blue" policy - Burnham associated it with socialism!

2b. Good Press: Radio National's "Saturday Extra" By Bryan Kavanagh, September 4, 2010 Did anyone catch Danny Woods interview with Dave Geisen from San Francisco? Geisen gave a rundown on Henry George, including why he has the answers on the current financial collapse. At the end, the Australian announcer said anyone interested can look up the Australian organisation at! Where did that spring from - Are we becoming mainstream? You can listen to it here.

2c. Good Press: Ventura County Star By Gary M. Galles, economics professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, September 4, 2010 (via Wyn Achenbaum) But 'labor' has not always been so hostile to the freedom that is, in fact, the primary source of worker wellbeing. American economist Henry George is an example. His 1886 work 'Protection or Free Trade' demonstrated the case for free trade by demolishing protectionist fallacies.

2d. Good Press: Matt Yglesias and LVT via Wyn Achenbaum, wyn at, September 25, 2010 An American political blogger at the Center for American Progress, Matt Yglesias, is quoted in the comments at the Huffington Post via twitter saying, "I'm always down for Land Value Tax advocacy":

2e. Good Press: Information Clearing House Newsletter By ICHN (News You Won't Find On CNN), September 08, 2010 (via Phil Anderson) "It is not the business of government to make men virtuous or religious, or to preserve the fool from the consequences of his own folly. Government should be repressive no further than is necessary to secure liberty by protecting the equal rights of each from aggression on the part of others, and the moment governmental prohibitions extend beyond this line they are in danger of defeating the very ends they are intended to serve." - Henry George (1839-1897) American poliical economist

2f. Good Press: The [Pennsylvania] Tribune-Democrat By Edward Smith, retired city and county manager, September 12, 2010 Taxing the gas drilling industry is not enough, why not a 'citizens dividend'? If Alaska can view the leasing or sale of natural resources as the common property of all citizens and distribute an ...

3. Numbers: Millions can find only part-time or lower-paying jobs Recessions are a good time as any to make millions - as long as you already have some millions to start with. "Congressmen & CEOs prosper while others do without" Want all the current indicators in one place' Periodically, The Progress Report publishes just such a digest. To give readers greater breadth, depth, and the most salient facts, many articles at the Progress Report are not single articles but compilations on a particular theme, offering a compendium of data on one sector.

4. Movement Progress: China Needs LVT - first PLRG talk by Tony Vickers, tonyvickers at, September 10, 2010 The Professional Land Reform Group (PLRG) is pleased to announce that London South Bank University has offered to host its bi-monthly meetings, starting with a talk by PLRG Chairman Dave Wetzel. Further (September 14, 2010), one of the Coalition parties (no prizes for guessing which one!) will be debating Land Value Taxation at its Conference, next week in Liverpool. "LandValueScape News" is the newsletter of the Professional Land Reform Group.

5a. Letter: 2011 CGO Conference by Sue Walton, Administrator, September 21, 2010 It is with deep regret the CGO Executive Committee has accepted the resignation of its President Ed Dodson for personal reasons. Ed has agreed to stay on as an Advisor. Ted Gwartney has resumed the role of President. Long time CGO webmaster, Lindy Davies has agreed to assume the role of Vice President. Rich Nymoen of St. Paul and Bill Batt of Albany have agreed to serve as program advisers. Regarding our 2011 conference, The CGO finally has selected a hotel, the Sheraton South in Bloomington, MN. The dates are 8/1-8/6 - Monday-Saturday. One of the potential themes will be transportation. Bill Batt and Rich Nymoen are working on getting local support from the Humphrey Institute. If the Institute is interested, then we will be contacting you with more information.

5b. Letter: Latest Oz Newsletter by Karl Fitzgerald, earth at, September 28, 2010 In the recent Earthsharing Australia email newsletter, read about Geo Index, Roots of Ownership, and more. To see it, write the e-ddress above.

6. Correction: Labour & Land Tax by Carol Wilcox, carol.wilcox at, September 20, 2010 Two of the five Labour Party leadership candidates support land value tax. (Andy Burnham is only a candidate and not a leader, as I assumed you meant in Georgist News; and he isn't likely to be successful, unfortunately.) As a matter of fact the front-runner in the leadership race is Ed Miliband, whom Dave Wetzel and I met at the Treasury a few years back. Despite his LSE/Harvard PPE credentials he didn't 'get' LVT at all and later I heard him boast as much on the platform of a Labour Party meeting. In fact when we met him I couldn't help making a very disparaging remark about his 'ignorance' and he remembers my name to this day! That's better than being ignored, isn't it? :o)

7a. Likable Link: LVTfan blog by Wyn Achenbaum, wyn at, September 5, 2010 I keep meaning to post a few of the titles of the recent posts at the LVTfan blog ( The full list of titles is at Cumulative List of Posts, through August 31, 2010 and you might appreciate the list of tags at the bottom of this page; each will take you to a collection of posts related to that topic.

7b. Likable Link: George and Nock article by Gene Denardo, September 10, 2010 Good article on Henry George and A.J. Nock on the Mises page!

7c. Likable Link: Scott Sumner (taught economics at Bentley University for the past 27 years) via Michael Strong, CEO, FLOW, co-author of Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems, with John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market, Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and Hernando de Soto, Co-Chair of the UN Commission on the Legal Empowerment of the Poor, September 19, 2010 Scott Sumner: "I wonder how much revenue Hong Kong and Singapore raise from their government ownership of land. Very Ricardian, that! Quite a bit I believe. I don't recall the amount, but I believe it might be 10% to 20% of revenues. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong. Wasn't that Henry George's idea?" Editor's Note: About how much ground rent Hong Kong recovers, see

7c. Likable Link: Commercial Real Estate Prices in Manhattan by Richard L. Biddle, Director, Henry George School of Social Science, Henry George Birthplace Museum, September 28, 2010 The paper mentions Homer Hoyt - 100 Years of Commercial Real Estate Prices in Manhattan William C. Wheaton, Mark S. Baranski, and Cesarina A. Templeton REAL ESTATE ECONOMICS, 2009 V37 1: pp.69-83

8a. What You Can Do: Green Economics Retreat by Green Economics Institute Team, September 12, 2010 The 3rd Green Economics Retreat and Green Economics Well Being Conference is on the weekend of November 5th, 6th and 7th 2010 at a farm near Glastonbury in Somerset, in the UK. It includes interactive sessions on understanding the human and natural and physical worlds in Economics practice and theory, including 10,000 years of human energy and uses of different kinds of intelligences and senses to explain more fully what we mean by the economy; including Music, Dance, Movement, Therapy, Art, Pottery, Inclusion, Walks, & Tai Chi. For details and bookings please email greeneconomicsevents at

8b. What You Can Do: The Alodia Scrapbook by Lindy Davies, September 20, 2010 A few years ago, the Georgist Journal had a special issue chronicling the transformation-from-within of the West African nation of Alodia. That issue of the GJ has sold out, and the story has been retold in a new, expanded edition, published by the Henry George Institute. They'll be ready to ship inside of two weeks - order your copy now! They will soon be available on Amazon (where I Sure Hope that you will post reader reviews!) - but if you order from the HGI, you'll get them for 7.95, two dollars less than the list price. It is a powerful and hopeful story!

8c. What You Can Do: The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking by Phil Anderson, September 24, 2010 Phil suggested you like The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking. To see more details and confirm this invitation, follow the link below:

8d. What You Can Do: Political Economy course material by Ed Dodson, ejdodson at, September 27, 2010 I am now at the beginning of the third year teaching this course to seniors at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Temple University, where the reception has been very positive. This program is non-credit, so there is no testing and the seniors are (somewhat surprisingly) not diligent about reading, even though quite a few have purchased Progress and Poverty. If anyone is interested in reviewing (or using) this material, I will be happy to send you a CD version. You must have Powerpoint software (or its open source equivalent) on your computer or you will not be able to read the lecture notes. Just respond via email with your mailing address. I welcome any comments you might have.

9. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights. - J. Paul Getty (1892-1976), quoted in Robert Lenzner's 'The Great Getty,' 1985 We did not inherit the land from our fathers. We are borrowing it from our children. - Amish Proverb A continent ages quickly once we come. - Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

10. Publication affairs: Contributing to this issue Along with those acknowledged above with each blurb, Editor: Jeffery J. Smith Assistant Editor: Caspar Davis Archivist: Stewart Goldwater Owner: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Founder: Adam Monroe Send your news and other interesting material to the Georgist News, jjs at or gn at The deadline for the next issue is the 25th of this month. The Georgist News, a project of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, is an email newsletter brought to you free of charge. Its purpose is to keep you updated on the latest news, citations, events, and initiatives of relevance to people who, like Henry George, seek a world free from special privilege and the causes of poverty. Do you know someone who'd enjoy reading the GN? Please forward them an issue and ask them to subscribe, or send us their eddress. As always, it's free. Thanks. The Georgist News is also available online

The Georgist News, Volume Thirteen, Number Four, October 1, 2010