8. (2012 October) What Can You Do: 2012 Earthsharing Canada Conference

2012 Earthsharing Canada Conference
October 27-28, 2012

Open Source Economics means economics free of moribund academic bias, free from powerful interest groups, and beyond today’s prevailing dysfunctional conventional wisdom.

Ideas like:
– Business-friendly, job-friendly, innovation-friendly, planet-friendly taxation;
– Impotence of central bank monetary policy exposed;
– Amnesia-free academic rediscovery of basic laws of economics;
– Self-financing public infrastructure through land value taxation (LVT);
– Green economics to conserve resources, rebuild the Global Commons;
– Economics to stop sprawl, incent walkable communities, build affordable housing;
– Economic rent capture to break boom/bust cycle, reduce speculation, underground economy;
– Equitable wealth distribution, less re-distribution, reduced welfare state.

Saturday, October 27, 1PM – 5PM
Speakers, workshops, Q & A,…
“Economics as if the Economy Mattered” — Frank de Jong – President, Earthsharing Canada
“What is Economics?” — Paraic Lally, teacher, School of Philosophy
“Council of Georgist Organizations, Schalkenback Foundation” — Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, Green Party of Canada
“An Economic Snapshot of our Times” — Dr. Frank Peddle, President, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
“Tips on Making Effective Videos and Podcasts” — Brendan Hennigan, videographer and producer

Sunday, October 28, 10AM – 1PM
Earthsharing Canada business meeting (open to members and guests)

School of Philosophy, 29 Madison Avenue, Toronto

Registration: no charge, all welcome
Please pre-register: fdejong@earthsharing.ca, 416-559-6941

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