6. (2015 January-February) At the Margin: #BlackLivesMatter & LVT

Here’s more good press from Jesse Myerson, who wrote a very popular article last year about the economic reforms that millennials should support. Land value taxation is listed as such a reform in both articles. Myerson discusses racially discriminatory land policies and then posits that the Georgist remedy would help lift black people out of poverty.

“…we must shift from taxing labor and toward taxing monopoly and land rents. The American political economist Henry George, whom [Martin Luther] King cited in his economic advocacy, famously proposed a 100 percent land-value tax as the only tax capable of ensuring equality amid economic development. As the board game Monopoly (invented by George devotees) makes clear, even when everyone starts with equal money, private rent extraction inevitably directs all funds into a few hands. George saw taxing the full rental value of land as the only way to develop an economy equitably—that is to say, without producing poverty constantly. “


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  1. This article is exactly the kind of thing all Georgists keep hoping for. When enough social reform advocates promote land value taxation as a supporting influence in achieving their goals, land value taxation will be in the public dialogue. Well, I am heartened to hear that Jesse Myerson has actually done it on several occasions.
    Whenever we hear of prominent economists and politicians mentioning land as an inherently separate factor, we hope they will advocate collecting the rental value of land for public purpose — but it seems like when they are T.V. or even in a major magazine they never do.

    How did Jesse Myerson get to Henry George? Once we know that, someone will know that their efforts have been effective, and they and the rest of us will be encouraged to continue in that effort.

    Perhaps Jesse Myerson would be a good speaker in Detroit next summer.

    Mike Curtis

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