6. (2014 May-June) Good Press: Picketty & George

“What’s that? Never heard of George or his treatise on the causes of inequality? It sold 3 million copies. Perhaps you missed “Progress and Poverty’s” anniversary while perusing this year’s equally improbable bestseller, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by French economist Thomas Piketty.”- Charles Lane, Washington Post


1 thought on “6. (2014 May-June) Good Press: Picketty & George

  1. I, too, noticed the similarity between Piketty’s proposal and that of Henry George, though I was disappointed to see that Piketty had no reference to George in his book. Malthus, Ricardo, Smith, and Marx were mentioned, but not a word about the man whose thesis bore a striking resemblance to Piketty’s. By the way, Michael Kinsley, in the current VANITY FAIR review of Piketty’s book, says that Henry George is his favorite economist, and also sees parallels between George and Piketty.

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