5. (2013 October) Huffing and Puffing: Huffington Post Selections

With this entry, we inaugurate a regular feature, “Huffing and Puffing,” that covers Georgist-relevant articles in The Huffington Post. Here are two by Dr. Mary Cleveland:

“Taxing Carbon Is Like Taxing Diamonds” is a piece on the progressive nature of the carbon tax.

Link: http://huff.to/1b54R7W

In an article entitled “Book Review: The Economics Anti-Textbook: A Critical Thinker’s Guide to Microeconomics, by Rod Hill and Tony Myatt” Dr. Cleveland praises the authors for their criticism of mainstream economics textbooks. She also touches on a few Georgist aspects of the book.

Link: http://huff.to/14zkZhJ


2 thoughts on “5. (2013 October) Huffing and Puffing: Huffington Post Selections

  1. Interesting new category.
    I’m not sure how far back you want to go, but I have an intro and a video posted on Huffington Post from June of 2012.
    “I was happy to be interviewed by Public Access TV host Lou Puliafito. We talked about Geoism/Georgism, greenbacking, and state banking. It was a lot to get in in under half an hour, but these are all important topics for our perilous economic times. I hope you will have a view.”

  2. Will India Lead the Way in Urban Land Tax Reform? A Mission Director from the Indian Ministry of Housing Provides Some Answers .
    I first met Dr. Mohanty through a personal friend. As we talked, it became clear he was well versed in Georgist economics, and even better, was in a great position to do something about it. Dr. Mohanty graciously agreed to a written interview, and then a follow-up during late May-early June 2011. Here is the result. I plan to follow-up this intriguing opportunity in the future. It is the author’s belief that Georgism will come soonest to those communities and countries who perceive themselves as most in need of fundamental reform, like India, and not, unfortunately for most Americans, the United States. Dr. Mohanty reminds us that his views are personal and not official.
    Read the rest at the Huffington Post:

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