5. (2014 November-December): Alanna’s Run for Congress

Congratulations to Georgist Alanna Hartzok on a hard fought run for the US Federal Congress, representing Pennsylvania’s 9th district. She was the democratic candidate against republican incumbent Bill Shuster. Although Alanna did not win, she did amazingly well. Alanna was able to win 37% of the popular vote with only $17,000 against Shuster’s $4.5 million.


1 thought on “5. (2014 November-December): Alanna’s Run for Congress

  1. What is this business about the “US federal Congress”? A phrase I’ve never, ever, heard. Most people would just call it “Congress,” or “the House of Representatives.” There is no OTHER “congress” to run for, as the state equivalents are generally called “legislatures” and the cities have “city councils.” (No one says, “I ran for the Massachusetts congress.”

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