4. (2013 December) Conference: CGO

Nominations Needed by New Year’s

The Executive committee of the Council of Georgist Organizations is seeking nominations for its Economic Justice Award.  Prior winners include: Mason Gaffney, Lindy Davies, RSF, Center for the Study of Economics, Mike Curtis, Herb Barry, Al Katzenberger, Gil Herman, Nic Rosen, Nadine Stoner, Walt Rybeck, Alanna Hartzok, Dan Sullivan, Ted Gwartney, Herb Barry and Steve Cord to name a few.

Please send your nominations to: sns@swwalton.com as follows:

I’d like to nominate____________________ for the CGO’s 2014 Economic Justice Award. Deadline for nominations is January 1, 2014.

Importance of the CGO Conference- Sue Walton

The CGO conference is the primary conference in the US that strengthens our cohesion by bringing us together face-to-face. As hotel and travel costs have risen, we have worked hard to choose locations that are both accessible and affordable.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and The Henry George School of Social Science have steadfastly supported the conference for many years, despite their own budgetary challenges in difficult times. If the CGO is to continue to maintain its present practices, we need other funders to come forward. Do you know of any other organizations that have an interest in our cause that might be willing to contribute? If so, please let us know.

Scholarship Fund

We try to fund conference expenses for those who do the necessary conference work and could not otherwise attend. This also helps us bring people into the movement who do good work but cannot afford to attend on their own. Donations to our scholarship fund also help us contain conference costs for everyone by relying on these volunteers instead of paid staff. Please contribute if you are able, and consider nominating those whom you think we should help with conference costs. We depend entirely on conference fees, membership dues, donations and contracts.

Please send donations to: CGO, PO Box 57, Evanston, IL 60204.  All donors will be listed in the onsite conference program.

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