3. (2015 January-February) Good Press: Stiglitz Says Piketty is Wrong.

Thanks to Matt Leichter from the LVT Facebook group for sharing this story. Stiglitz explains that savings is not the real source of growing inequality in the world, the untaxed rising value of land is.


“There’s some debate about this, but I think most readers of Thomas Piketty’s book (Capital in the Twenty-First Century) get the impression that the accumulation of wealth — savings —is responsible for the rise in inequality and that there is, therefore, in a way,a link between the growth of the economy — the accumulation of capital— on the one hand and inequality and wealth. My paper begins with the observation that in fact, you cannot explain what has happened to the wealth/income ratio by that analysis. A closer look at what has gone on suggests that a large fraction of the increase in wealth is an increase in the value of land, not in the amount of capital goods.”


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