3. (2012 December) Movement Progress: UK LVT Poll

Georgists worldwide might be interested in the news that a coalition of like-minded groups based in the UK has recently commissioned a poll by IPSOS MORI on attitudes to LVT – and related subjects. It was very much limited by available funds and by the methods used (face-to-face in-home computer-aided time-limited questionnaire) but it was professionally done by people with no axe to grind. Nearly 1000 people in all parts of UK, of all ages and tenures of housing were interviewed.

I have to say that results won’t please all of us – but will form a baseline to work from, especially in terms of public education. What stood out (for MORI as well as us) was that when people know even a little about LVT they are much more likely to support it – and to support it more than other property taxes.

The sponsors of the poll have not yet decided what (if anything) will (ever) be published regarding detailed findings. However it is already public knowledge here that the polling was under way. We managed just to raise the funding for it – but further donations to PLRG via http://www.landvaluescape.org/who.html (scroll down to ‘donate’) are welcome, to pay for follow-up research.

Meanwhile a Bill calling for LVT Research has been published by the UK Parliament and is due to have its Second Reading in the House of Commons on 25th January. The same coalition of Georgist organisations here is supporting this.

Dr Tony Vickers
Hon Sec PLRG
(Professional Land Reform Group)
01635 230046 / 07950 202640


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