(2013 August) Contents


Volume Fifteen, Number Thirteen
August 22, 2013


1. (2013 August) Book: Sharing the Earth
2. (2013 August) Conference: CGO
3. (2013 August) Conference: The IU
4. (2013 August) Good Press:
How a Progressive Tax System Made Detroit a Powerhouse (and Could Again)
5. (2013 August) Video: Ed Dodson’s New Video Blogs
6. (2013 August) Good Press: Mankiw’s Treatment of LVT
7. (2013 August) Likeable Link:
After Protests, Brazil’s Oil Money Will Go To Education and Healthcare
8. (2013 August) Likeable Link:
Private Landlords Taught Me How to Get Rich Exploiting The Poor
9. (2013 August) Audio: Stiglitz on Rent-Seeking
10. (2013 August) Video: I’m Not A Bum, I’m A Human Being

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