(2012 October) Contents


Volume Fifteen, Number Three, October 15, 2012

1. News: Henry George Lecture at Scranton University
2. News: Save the Date for CGO 2013
3. Likeable Link: LVT in the UK
4. Likeable Link: LVT in Ireland
5. Likeable Link: LVT in New Zealand
6. Likeable Link: Jill Stein Meets Henry George
7. What Can You Do: Update from CGO Social Media Community Manager
8. What Can You Do: 2012 Earthsharing Canada Conference
9. What Can You Do: Screening of ‘The Vanishing City’
10. Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer
11. RSF News: Special Book Offers
12. RSF News: Jobs USA Website Goes Live
13. At the Margin: Quips and Quotes
14. Publication Affairs: About The Georgist News

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