12. (2012 December) RSF News: Annual Letter from the President and New Books

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Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

December 12, 2012

Dear Friends of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation,

After the presidential election in the United States, the daily news cycle switched instantly to the looming “fiscal cliff.” The media industry needs an incessant supply of dramatic events to retain audience attention, so the switch was predictable. Notably, the fiscal cliff was rarely mentioned during the election campaign. There now seems to be a general assumption that the matter will be resolved one way or another. Which taxes may be raised and which programs scaled back will come in a histrionic cliffhanger of a deal. For most Americans the normal routine will continue.

Once again those seeking substantial fiscal and economic reforms will have their hopes dashed on the rocks of political expediency and narrow interest-based horse trading. No matter what kind of resolution is eventually crafted to the fiscal cliff, no one assumes that it will somehow magically transform a landscape of extreme inequality, poverty, unemployment and loss of hope.

Henry George wrote Progress and Poverty (1879) at a time of great economic dislocation. Towards the end of his life, in 1897, there was yet another terrible depression, which was historical confirmation that his theory of business cycles, rooted in the sequestering of economic rent by privileged interests in society, was the principal cause of deepening unemployment, poverty and economic turmoil. Our current evils would no doubt dismay, but not surprise, him.

The Foundation continues, in its modest way, to advance the Georgist vision of economic justice. We recently launched a hub website, www.workandwealth.com, to address issues around unemployment, poverty and income inequality. This is an example of our more aggressive foray into social media in the last six months. The use of short videos, blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media will enable us to reach broader audiences as well as enhance communication with a younger age demographic. We expect our latest video production, “On Solid Ground”, to be accessible on-line in early 2013, and to promote the message of the new website. Another website has been created that is devoted to Henry George’s newspaper The Standard. This is a long- range project that involves transforming PDF files into corrected and searchable OCR documents. We’d like to do more of these types of projects, but we have considerable resource constraints, so your donation will go far in helping us expand our vital internet and social media presence.

In 2012 the Foundation financially participated in the conferences sponsored by the Council of Georgist Organizations (held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) and by the International Union for Land Value Taxation (held in Buenos Aires, Argentina). As a result, individual and organizational contacts were renewed and new ones were established.

The Foundation continues with its ongoing program of publishing the works of Henry George and also distributing scholarly commentary on his ideas. Our latest example is Two Views of Social Justice: A Catholic/Georgist Dialogue. This volume brings to fruition the conference RSF co-sponsored with CGO and Scranton University in 2007. Published by Wiley-Blackwell for The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, it is an example of what RSF can accomplish in cooperation with other institutions. Please see the attached materials about this and other notable publications.

The Foundation, like many other non-profits, has had to restrict its discretionary expending in this difficult investment environment. We have a dedicated staff in New York City and an active board of volunteer directors from all over North America. We are, however, stretched to the limit with available resources. If you are able, please make a generous contribution to the work of the Foundation. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Francis K. Peddle
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
90 John Street, Suite 501
New York, NY 10038-3202
Tel: 212-683-6424

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Mark Sullivan

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Two Views of Social Justice
The Other Law of Moses + Study Guide
The Traumatised Society
The Fair Tax

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Books from RSF 2012

Special Offers


Two Views of Social Justice

Two Views of Social Justice

Sixteen scholars have come together in this issue to examine eight social-justice themes from the perspectives of Catholic social thought and the philosophy of Henry George. The themes they address are natural law, human nature, the nature of work, the nineteenth-century papal encyclical Rerum Novarum, causes of war, immigration, development, and neighborhood revitalization. While they sometimes wrangle with each other, their common aspiration is the same as their nineteenth-century predecessors: to find solutions to the human suffering caused by injustice.

Editor: Kenneth R. Lord
Paperback 240 pp
ISBN: 9781118450048
RSF: AB5004
2012 Wiley-Blackwell
Regular Price: $40.00 Sale Price: $20.00

The Other Law of Moses

The Other Law of Moses + Study Guide (Special Combo Offer)

By John L. Kelly

The Other Law of Moses takes the reader on an epic journey, illuminating a plan for universal freedom and prosperity. The ancient Israelites were among the most prosperous people of their time and became the world’s first middle class nation, enjoying freedom and justice.

Using lively narrative and familiar stories from the Jewish and Christian scriptures, The Other Law of Moses traces the genesis, observance and success of the Land Law. By the end of the book, readers will likely conclude that many of today’s economic precepts are flawed and counterproductive. The accompanying Study Guide is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to explore and discuss in greater depth the key points and implications of Kelly’s fascinating book.

The Other Law of Moses
Paperback 256 pp
RSF: N6186
ISBN: 9781469961866
Regular Price: $20 Special Offer $15


The Traumatised Society

The Traumatised Society

How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Civilisation

By Fred Harrison

Fred Harrison was one of the first to forecast the events that ruptured the global economy in 2008 by applying an analysis that exposes the fault lines in the structure of the market economy. His new book extends that same analysis to the future of the West, evaluating fears from distinguished commentators who claim that European civilisation is in danger of being eclipsed. Harrison concludes that the West is at a dangerous tipping point and provides empirical and theoretical evidence to warrant such an alarming conclusion. But he also explains why it is not too late to prevent the looming social catastrophe. He introduces “organic finance”, which prescribes reforms to deliver sustainable growth, more equitable wealth distribution, and respect for other life forms.

Paperback 256 pp
ISBN: 9780856832871
RSF: S3287
2012 Shepheard-Walwyn
Regular Price: $30 Special Offer $17


The Fair Tax

The Fair Tax

Supported by History … Agreed by Economists … Feared by the 1%

Edited by Emer Ó Siochrú

The tax regime in Ireland, Colm McCarthy points out in his Preface, has been very favourable to property developers who, together with their banks, took maximum advantage. It fuelled the disastrous property boom with the huge development-site debts and led directly to the Irish state having to shore up the collapsing banks. The Fair Tax shows how a second massive transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% can happen again. The authors also clearly explain the real advantages of a site value tax over a conventional property tax and convincingly show how easy it is to assess and implement.

Paperback 170 pp
ISBN: 9780856832901
RSF: S3290
2012 Shepheard-Walwyn
Regular Price: $19 Special Offer $15


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