2. (2014 March) Huffing and Puffing: Ending California’s Water Crisis

Mason Gaffney and Mary Cleveland team up for an article on solving California’s water crisis.

“If you make something free, you will get waste and shortages!”

“The Environmental Defense Fund has proposed a “market” solution to the water problem: transform water licenses into secure and transferable property — and let the market work its wonders! This is equivalent to “cap and trade,” which gives secure “pollution rights” to polluters based on their pollution history… it would invite speculators to grab up water licenses and hold them by wasting water… most owners of water licenses wouldn’t sell, but would rather keep on operating the old inefficient way. “Transferable water licenses” would lock in a system under which every subsidy and giveaway engineered by pork-barrel politics becomes sacrosanct, perpetual property, and taxpayers forever incur ongoing costs.”

Read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-manning-cleveland/whose-water-ours-how-to-e_b_4967944.html?utm_hp_ref=green

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