2. (2014 April) Conference: Young Georgist Conference

On July 5th, Georgists, young and old, will gather in San Francisco for the Community Gone Viral Conference.

Georgists attending the CGO conference on July 7th will have the opportunity to carpool or bus with Community Gone Viral attendees down to Newport Beach. One might decide to travel along California’s beautiful coastline via Highway 101.

This conference grew out of LVT Facebook group teleconferences, where young Georgists expressed the desire to learn from the experiences of the old Georgist single tax colonies and assess the possibility of starting a new community together, a community with the ability to virally replicate itself and thus the Georgist model.

At the conference, these young Georgists and their older Georgist mentors will attain advice from a wide range of community experts from Single Tax colonies, co-housing communities, land trusts, co-working spaces and other organizations. This will foster an open and engaging two way conversation about how to create a greater sense of community, end poverty, and alleviate environmental destruction among folks who understand the importance of land.

Admission is $49 and includes food. Register at: http://www.communitygoneviral.com/


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