2. (2013 July) Good Press: The Economist Magazine’s Pro-Land Tax Article

“A pure land tax, one without regard to how land is used or what is built on it, is the best sort.”

An article published late last month in The Economist praised the land tax. Even though the term “land tax” was used, land value tax was implicit as part of a more general discussion on ad valorem property taxes. Such an endorsement in the most popular economics magazine in the world is an exciting development. Click here to read the full article.


1 thought on “2. (2013 July) Good Press: The Economist Magazine’s Pro-Land Tax Article

  1. The article is excellent but there are many comments where people are strongly opposed to property taxes, which include LVT. The problem in providing an explanation about it is that many property owners find that they will be having to pay more than with our existing tax system. It is not sufficient to recommend property tax changes, it must be made clear that the introduction of LVt will REDUCE the proportion of the property tax on the buildings and increase it only on the land values.

    It should also be made clear that as LVT becomes gradually more effective that other forms of taxation such as income and purchase taxes must be reduced, so that the unnatural tax structure of today is slowly replaced by one that is soley based on the ethical and easily collected one, as proposed by Henry George.

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