2. (2013 December) Announcements: Annual RSF Fund Appeal

December 12, 2013

Dear Friends of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation,

When I sent out this letter last December the main issues in the mainstream media were the fiscal cliff and whether the debt ceiling would be raised. This year the spreading minimum wage strikes in the fast food industry are a prominent news item. Barely livable wages for the working poor and stagnant wages for the middle class are issues that are at the core of the economic philosophy of Henry George. The privatization of economic rent is a key factor in the suppression of wages. This fact is recognized only at the margins of public discourse.

Nonetheless, George’s name does appear in some mainstream publications such as the following recent statement by the Harvard political economist, Benjamin Friedman, in The New York Review of Books:

“It is nearly a century and a half since the American economist Henry George wrote Progress and Poverty. Much of his analysis no longer fits but the contradiction highlighted in his title resonates today as much as then.”

For Friedman the contradiction is increasing productivity amid rising unemployment. The privileging of economic rent by a few is the ultimate source of that contradiction. We must redouble our efforts to persuade gatekeepers like Friedman that George’s analysis of the modern paradox does fit.

The Foundation has recently made some significant decisions that require your support. In partnership with Fairleigh Dickinsen University Press and publisher Rowman & Littlefield, RSF has entered into an agreement to produce the critical, collected works of Henry George under the general editorship of Dr. Ken Wenzer. This hitherto undone task is central to the mission of the Foundation. It is a multi-year effort that is a significant financial commitment of the Foundation and for which we ask your financial support.

We are also continuing our more aggressive move into the realm of social media with greater use of short videos, blogging, Facebook, Google Hangouts, and recent upgrades to our website www.workandwealth.com. We have considerable human resource constraints, so your donation will go far in helping us expand our vital social media presence.

We have a dedicated staff in New York City and an active board of volunteer directors from all over North America. We are, however, stretched to the limit with available resources. If you are able, please make a generous contribution to the work of the Foundation. All contributions are tax-deductible.


Francis K. Peddle
Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

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A Symposium on Land and Rent with contributions by John Pullen,
John K. Whitaker, Kris Feder, and Robert V. Andelson.

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♦ AJES November 2013 (see above)

♦ AJES April 2001, 60th Anniversary Issue (see above)

♦ Sharing the Earth by Martin Adams
First Edition, 2013.  Perhaps the first Georgist book written and edited via social media.  An exciting new presentation for a new generation.

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