13. (2013 March) What You Can Do: Commenting Around the Web

Take a look at these recent comments by Georgists on timely articles from around the internet. Why not add your voice to these or other relevant articles, op-eds, blog posts, etc.?

Wyn Achenbaum (commenting on Frank Bruni’s column about the election of a new pope):
I hope that when people re-read Rerum Novarum (Pope Leo’s encyclical), they will also take a careful look at the open letter that the American economist and social philosopher Henry George wrote in response, entitled “The Condition of Labor.” He challenged some of the points, taking a mega-pixel picture which contrasted with the encyclical’s less than precise thinking.

“The Condition of Labor” is available online, and I commend it to your attention. Henry George was among the most widely known and read Americans of his day, and all too little known now. (“Progress and Poverty” and “Social Problems” are the two books I’d encourage you to read; you might also look for his speeches “The Crime of Poverty” and “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”)

We’d be better off if more of our 99% were acquainted with his ideas.

Jeffery J. Smith (commenting on a favorable mention of land value tax in Slate):
The thing that many taxists and redistributionists might be overlooking is that once society recovers and shares all of its spending for land and resources and for privileges like patents and corporate charters, then there won’t any longer be any undue fortunes to envy, no longer any poverty to pity, and no need to tax at all since rents can be recovered via fees, dues, and leases. Still, it’s great to get a plug from an articulate commentator for any variant of geonomic reform. Thanks, Slate! 

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