13. (2013 February) What You Can Do: A Theology of Land and Its Implications for Contemporary Economics


God and the Good Life
This will be the first of three interrogations that specify the terms of the economic covenant with God that would create the Good Life on Earth. We remember this covenant gave rise to the three Abrahamic religions. The speakers will explore the relevance of a theology of covenant in today’s contemporary economic and spiritual context.

Planned speakers include Alastair Macintosh (Author of Soil and Soul), Jonathan Tame (Director of the Jubilee Centre Cambridge), Canon Peter Challen (Christian Council for Monetary Justice) and Fred Harrison (Author of The Traumatised Society).

This event is being held as partnership between the Moot Community at the Guild Church of St. Mary Aldermary, the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and the Land Research Trust.

The aim of the day conferences is to inspire and enable participants to understand and affirm the need for united action concerning social, economic justice and structural change.

There is a series of three, one day conferences and gatherings.

Honouring the Theology of the Land
1. April 6th – God & the Good Life: The Audit at The Guild Church of St. Mary
2. May 4th – Great Awakenings: The Application at Christ Church North Southwark
3. June 1st – Holy Land: The Affirmation at St. James Piccadily

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