11. (2012 November) Requests: Geonomy Society Appeal for New Computer

Jeff Smith is soliciting donations on behalf of The Geonomy Society for a much-needed new computer. Below you’ll find his request along with information on how to help:

Georgist advocate in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Smith, head of The Geonomy Society, had to put down his 8-yr old computer (88 years in chip years), leaving the Georgist movement without a computer in one of the states most receptive to Georgist reform. Donations are urgently needed to replace this ex-hardworking computer. To keep our movement, our proselytizer, and our cyberspace presence alive in this cutting-edge part of the world, please contribute whatever you can. Use the PayPal button at:


Or send a check to:
The Geonomy Society
5805 SE 41st Avenue
Portland, OR 97202  USA

If you have any difficulty, please email Jeff at jjs@geonomics.org.

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