12. (2012 October) RSF News: Jobs USA Website Goes Live

RSF is debuting a new website (www.workandwealth.com) that will tackle current issues around employment and job growth from a Georgist perspective. For an idea of what you’ll find, see the description below. In the meantime, check out the new site!

More than a decade into the 21st century American politics is more polarized than ever and yet both sides agree on one thing: WE MUST CREATE MORE JOBS! But is our current political system up to the task?

We’re coming from the “radical center” . Not the Right — though we agree with them when they say that production shouldn’t be penalized by taxation. And not the Left — though we agree that we need a strongly funded public sector to provide for the needs of our communities.

Our job is to dig deeper than buzzwords, to discover the roots of unemployment. Why do land, factories and buildings sit idle, while workers are unemployed and families are losing their homes? Why cannot willing, able workers find a way to earn a living?

Using key insights from classical political economy, ideas championed by thinkers such as Henry George but neglected by many economists today, a way forward is possible. Today, more than ever, we need a radical center that is up to the task of solving our world’s complex problems.

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